Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Julies Factory visit at Alor Gajah, Melaka!

Couple of weekend ago, i was invited by Julie's (also known as Perfect Food Manufacturing) to go on a weekend road trip to Melaka along with other bloggers to visit their biscuit making factory located at Alor Gajah, Melaka. When i first received the invitation, I was really excited as i was a huge fan of their peanut butter sandwich biscuit and to be able to see the whole process of how it's being made seem like a really rare opportunity! It's like getting a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka' chocolate factory if you get what i meant. LOLOLOL Anyway, I will be doing a photo post of my 2D1N trip to Malacca after this post shortly, but this blog post mainly summarizes my afternoon visit to Julie's Factory! Before i go on sharing about my experience, here's a mandatory group photo of all the bloggers and the friendly staffs of Julie's! :D
 photo IMG_2306.jpg
Welcome lunch where everyone introduced ourselves. Motherhood statement, "Hi, my name is Andy and i'm a lifestyle blogger." Basically if you don't blog just a specific topic like mainly food, or mainly travel but you blog about everything else or "everything under the sun", you fall under the "lifestyle" category. Yes, the term is being abused, i know right...
 photo lunch.jpg
Had a really sumptuous Nasi lemak lunch and there were a couple of highlight dishes or should i say desserts as well. One was this glutinous rice wrapped in (lotus?) leaves, and the desserts were made using Julie's biscuit! One is the Kek Batik, which tasted somewhat like Brownie and the other is what you see in the above photo. It's something like canapé with fruits on their biscuit and decorated with chocolate sauce. Interesting way of using their biscuit to create desserts!
 photo working.jpg
After lunch, we went up to their meeting room where a presentation was given to share with us more on Julie's. Things like their mission and vision, how they started and how much they have grown throughout the years. One of the more significant things i remembered was when Mr. Martin Ang (director of Julie's) shared on how their biscuit are baked with love and they serve only what they eat. Everyone has the perception that strawberry cream is pink in color but in actual fact, it's white. What you see out there is pink color because of the coloring added, which Julie's do not practice.

The staffs also shared on the campaigns that Julies embarked on. Like giving back to the community, appreciating the unsung heroes and their latest, #Bestofyou social movement which is currently running in Singapore. (Anyone spotted their Ads on buses or MRT stations lately?) The moment encourages one to take a moment to appreciate the people and experiences by asking yourself, "Who is the best of you?" Take some time and recognize the small actions and achievements one often neglect. There will be a "Best of you" exhibition at the central atrium of Marina Square from 22 to 26 October (11am to 9pm daily) which showcases the public submissions and artwork established for the movement
 photo uniform.jpg
Next up is the moment that most of us are waiting for, the factory visit! Due to hygiene purposes, we had to donned their factory coat, put on the hair net, wear a face mask as well as put covers over our shoes (not forgetting to wash our hands thoroughly before entering!). All of us looked like surgeons getting ready for a surgery, LOL Being bloggers, everyone was camwhore-ing in our new "outfit" and taking selfies/ group photos, took awhile for us to be "ready". LOL
 photo process.jpg
These are the official photos from Julie's as we were not allowed to take any photos inside the factory. I was really quite impressed and amazed by the machinery and the amount of biscuit produced at any one time. I watched how the dough was being flattened and mold into individual "coin", after which go through the oven for baking then oiled to give it a nice golden glaze, cooled down before being sent for manual packing. I also saw how the cheese cream or peanut butter cream were inserted between 2 pieces of biscuit! Other than the packing, it's done via their awesome machines!
 photo QualityControl.jpg
Quality check was also done frequently to ensure standards. At the packing station, they gave us each a freshly packed peanut butter sandwich cookie and it was HEAVENLY!!! It was still straight out from the oven, still warm and nice, oh my tians. Unless you try it at the factory, you can never get this warm delicious feeling anywhere else. *drools all over
 photo IMG_2318.jpg
Ended the factory visit with Mr Martin giving us a big bag of Julie's biscuit each (enough to last a few months!) and also their latest #Line oat cookies! Julie's was having a FB/ Instagram contest recently where you have to take a creative photo with both their Brown (chocolate) and Cony (strawberry) Line cookies and stand to win Line plushies. I joined the contest after i returned to SG and guess what, I'M ONE OF THE CONSOLATION PRIZE WINNERS!!!! Thanks for picking me!
 photo SAM_0380.jpg
Thanks for the invitation Julie's! I really enjoyed myself
 photo SAM_0556.jpg
Some of the goodies in the big bag of biscuit given. My favorite is definitely the Cheese sandwich and the peanut butter sandwich cookies! The PR is probably reading this as well so thanks Ellice for hosting us and making us feel comfortable. Before i end this post, have you guys ever thought of "who is the best of you"? I shall leave it to you guys to ponder :)

Baked with love,