Monday, September 15, 2014

D-1: Weekend Road Trip to Malacca! #Julies

If you read my previous post on my trip to Alor Gajah, Melaka, you would have read that a few weekend ago, i visited Malacca and here's a photo travelogue of my trip. This is the probably the only few paragraph of words you are gonna read in this post, lol. Well, if a picture speaks a thousands words, this is gonna be a rather "wordy" post. Ok, not funny.
Anyway, here is a quick summary of my day 1 in case some of you cannot get the flow of the photos even though i think it's quite self explanatory. Early in the morning, met up with the other bloggers at Golden Mile complex to catch our coach for a 4 hour ride to Alor Gajah, which is somewhere near Malacca. Stopped by a rest stop to grab a bite but for most of us, it's to get a 3G SIM card so that we can stay connected over the weekend (and to update our social media..)

Reached Julie's factory in the noon which i blogged about in my previous post. The Julie's staff brought us to have authentic Peranakan meal for dinner (and chendol for dessert!) We then headed over to the famous Jonker Street night market which i never had the chance to experience during my previous trips. I think i have been to Malacca twice during my poly days like 5 years ago? Checked in to our apartment at One Residence (1 huge bungalow for a group of 3 or 4s, so we took up like 5 bungalows in a row, LOL) and that pretty much sums up my Day 1. Now that you get the flow, enjoy!
 photo 1-3.jpg
In case you missed my previous post, read about my visit to Julie's factory at this LINK!
 photo 2-3.jpg
 photo 3-3.jpg
Not sure about you guys enjoyed looking at the photos without words but i love doing up photo travelogues like this. The flow of the photos is somewhat able to convey a story of its own, sometimes or should i say most of the time better than typing a whole chunk of words which might bore some people. Photo credits goes to William (onlywilliam) for the group shot taken at Julie's and Don (donnlicious) for those paparazzi shots taken at Jonker Street! Till the next post

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