Sunday, October 19, 2014

Get messy at Dancing Crab!

As you are reading this, i'm at the other side of the world in Australia. It's the first time i'm spending my birthday overseas and it's kinda of a weird feeling. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF! Probably no cake this year since i told no one here that it's my birthday, HAHA As much as i wish to spend the day with my family and friends, this is also a new experience for me. This is a scheduled post by the way, lol. I'm obviously not spending the day in front of the computer, instead probably trying to take a selfie with a wild kangaroo. About 2 weeks back, i met up with my 2 best friends, Jing Long and Jiaqi who took me out for an entire day to celebrate my birthday way in advance. We went to Sunday Folks for their waffles, then Rider's Cafe (not to eat but to visit the area and take some photos) and finally Dancing Crab for dinner! Spent the whole day in the west doing things that i always wanted to do but lazy to travel, LOL

They kept the dinner destination a surprise for the entire day. Since we were in the west, i was guessing maybe W39 bistro since i always mentioned i wanted to visit but when we drove into Turf city, i immediately saw Dancing Crab from the backseat and i somehow guessed that we will be having Dancing Crab since i recently told Jing Long it looks fun and i want to try it. I pretended i don't know where we are going just in case we are going somewhere else. MUAHAHAHA
Wait till they read this post. One of them probably will go, "See! I knew he would know lor. He pretend only" LOLOLOL
 photo 1.jpg
Did not make a reservation beforehand because Jing Long's friend told him no need to reserve one. We ended up waiting for about 35 mins or so lor. In the meantime, we went to explore the nearby Pasarbella, which was quite an eye opener. So ang mo style. While waiting for our seats, i was feeling quite excited because i can't wait to get my hands dirty, LOL
 photo 3.jpg
Got our seats and we put on the plastic apron. SUPER EXCITED!!! Read online about their refreshing lemonade so we ordered the Fizzy Lemonade and Pink thyme lemonade at $4 each. I don't know what's with Dancing Crab but they seem to have this "Happy Hour" whereby at certain point of time, one of the staffs will take the microphone and do a countdown and whoever finishes his or her drink will get a free refill immediately. No idea when it will happen though.
 photo 2.jpg
We ordered a Combo Bag #01A which consist of Sri Lankan Crab, 300g Prawns, 250g Clams, Potatoes, Corn and Sausages ($80), a basket of Garlic soy sauce Chicken wings ($9), Signature Spicy Cajun Fries ($7) and 3 Grilled butter rolls ($2 each) All for the 3 of us to share! When the combo bag came, the staff literally pour everything out onto the table and when the fries and chicken wings came, we did the same and dump everything onto the table! The fries tasted normal, slightly spicy but the chicken wings was good! Needless to say, the seafood was the highlight of the night. The signature dancing crab sauce was really good! Honestly, i'm not a fan of eating crab because of the mess and it takes quite an effort to get the meat out but that night, no need to care about what image and just eat everything unglam-ly!!! HAHA
 photo 4.jpg

Actually this method of eating without plates and utensils is really a great concept. They don't have to wash a single thing and when clearing up, they just have to wrap everything into the plastic that covers the table and throw the whole plastic bag way. Not very environmental friendly though. It was an awesome meal of fun, laughter and good food! Thank you two for the advance birthday treat, i will bring something nice back from Australia, like a koala bear! ♥ ♥ 

Lots of love,