Thursday, October 30, 2014

Post Aussie, Sun-date at Sunday Folks!

It's been 4 days since i came back from Australia and my body clock is pretty much trying to get back the momentum, the 2 hours time difference does make quite an impact! Spent close to 3 weeks (longest i have ever been away overseas!) and half the time i wished i was back in Singapore with my family and friends but now that i'm back, i wished i was still in Australia. It's like a love hate relationship, LOL Overall it was quite an experience having to be away in a foreign land, seeing wild kangaroos roaming around freely, making sure my expenses is enough for the entire trip, returning back to the same hotel room every single day for the longest period ever and many more! The food in Australia is ridiculously expensive! It's like one plate of duck rice or a bowl of wanton mee in an Asian restaurant can easily cost you about AUD13 ($14.60) but then again, the portion they give is really huge too. The alternative or cheaper option you can consider is probably fast food or pizza (AUD5 for a pizza? wtf.) No wonder people say if you are going to Aussie to study or to stay for a long period of time, you should really learn how to cook. Now i understand why, HAHAHA
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Took quite a lot of photos throughout the trip but they are mostly scenery shots like the above, LOL Every scenery shot taken is like so wallpaper worthy omg. Obviously i won't be doing a travelogue on my trip since there's nothing much (it's not like i went to Gold coast or Sydney, lol) and it's gonna be 3 weeks long worth so i will probably just compile and edit a simple photo book kinda post just like my recent one i did for my trip to Malacca! I will probably visit Australia again (probably gold coast!) some time in April next year to visit the theme parks and also to try sky diving! Looking forward!!
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The weekend i left for Aussie, Jing long and Jiaqi brought me out as an advance birthday treat and since we had the car and was thinking of places to go, i suggested Sunday Folks! For the longest time i've been wanting to try their waffles with soft serve but the first few attempts was futile. The first time i visited the place was during lunch time before a lecture at SP, only to realised it's opens only at 4pm FML. The second time i went, it was closed. (take note, closed on Mondays, FML x2 seriously) The third time i went, the queue was just as long and we decided to have it in a cone for takeaway, no waffles -_- The fourth time i went, the queue was so freaking long and i had to wait at least 45 mins according to the system - gave up and had something else. THIS TIME, WE DECIDED TO TAKE A QUEUE NUMBER AND WAITED IN THE CAR TILL THE SMS CAME TO TELL US OUR SEAT IS READY. Waited for about half an hour. FINALLY OMGG.
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It's a good thing they decided to have benches outside their shop so that those waiting for their seats can sit down and wait outside. 95% of the people who visit Sunday Folks will order their waffles with soft serve, the other 5% don't know what they thinking, lol. Ordered 2 to share so  we had one with Dark chocolate soft serve (my favourite!!! ) and the other Pistachio soft serve. The toppings are all over at the counter and you get to see them decorate your waffles, wee!
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The soft serve melted at a fast and furious rate so after we took photos of the waffles, we had to gobble down everything. Overall the waffles was really nice and fluffy and i love the flavor of the soft serve! It's not those dense or mild flavor kind but you can really taste the strong flavor, like those atas ice cream, LOL For the price tag of $10.50 (depending on flavor), i thought it was quite worth for a dessert as it excel in both taste and appearance. By the way if you still do not know, Sunday Folks is actually the sister branch of the already famous Creamier ice cream at Toa Payoh! As much as i want to go back and try other flavors, Holland Village is like all the way to the west, till the next time :)

Sunday Folks
#01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, 44 Jalan Merah Saga
Tue - Fri: 16:00 - 21:30
Sat - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00
Closed: Mon

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