Sunday, November 9, 2014

Honey Creme | llao llao

Recently there is this massive hype over 2 desserts in Singapore, mainly llao llao (pronounced as "yao yao" even though everyone is pronouncing it as "lao lao") and this Honey Creme which recently opened at Somerset 313. If you go to any of these outlets during the weekend, you will see this long queue which makes you think twice whether to join in the queue or not.  Most people will be wondering like what so nice about these desserts that makes people wanna queue for more than an hour just for it. I finally tried Honey Creme today and thought maybe i should pen down my thoughts regarding these 2 desserts and which one i prefer. Anyway if you have been following me on my social media, you should already know the answer. I'm actually quite curious whether you guys would prefer llao llao or Honey Creme! LOL
 photo llao2.jpg
Apparently llao llao has been around for the longest time but only got popular recently. I remember passing by their flagship store at Marina Square a couple of times but did not pay much attention to it because firstly, it was quite expensive and secondly, it doesn't seem that popular because there was no queue. I remember they were running a groupon deal promotion close to half a year back. It was only about 2 months back when i started seeing photos of llao llao surfacing on instagram every other day and it finally caught my attention so i decided to make a trip down to try it!

First time i went, i queued for about 45 mins and ordered a "Sanum" cup which consist of the yogurt, choice of 1 crunch, 3 fruits and 1 sauce, apparently the most wu hua and popular one in the store. At that time it was $5.90 per cup but now all the outlets standardize it at $6.50. Oh wells... First there was only one outlet, in a span of like 3 months, another 3 popped out to cater to the overwhelming crowd. Then again, 3 out of the 4 outlets are located in Central Singapore and the other in a Polytechnic in the west -__- East siders like me have to travel just to have the yogurt, so angry. As you can see from the above compilation, i've been having llao llao. Queues are much better now, probably maybe 30 mins wait during the weekends? and 15 mins for weekdays? I think it's quite worth it for such a big cup of yogurt with different toppings at $6.50. You feel quite full after having an entire cup to yourself, can replace a meal :)

Last month, The famous Honey Creme from Taiwan opened it's first outlet at Somerset 313. Actually i have never heard of Honey Creme before until my friend told me it's coming to Singapore. Apparently they have this famous Honey Comb (they have honey comb and comb honey, no idea what's the difference) and Affogato Cotton Candy soft serve which is instagram-worthy. Apparently i heard that you will be "invited" to go closer to take photo or video down the process of them preparing your dessert. Heard that the initial queuing time when it first opened was close to 2 hours! Refused to join in the bandwagon... until today. Was in town with Angie and we were deciding between llao llao and Honey Creme.
 photo honeycreme.jpg
Queued for 30 mins. No more cotton candy, neither of us wants to try the soft serve with honey comb, so we got the Popcorn one ($5.50) each. Visually it looks really good, cup slightly smaller than Mcdonalds sundae, not complaining though. Took the first mouth and my first thought was, "what's so special about this ice cream. Taste like Mcdonalds vanilla ice cream." Was quite disappointed actually. Was expecting something more wow and towards the end of the cup where all the caramel sauce gathered, it became too sweet so i threw it away. No idea what's all the hype about...

Maybe the Honey Comb one is better, or maybe the star of the brand is the Cotton Candy Affogato which was not available. I have no idea and have no intention to queue again. Maybe next time in the future when there is no queue then maybe i will try again... As for now, it's definitely llao llao FTW and i seriously don't mind queuing for it!

I wish someone (it's a franchise btw) open an outlet in the east.

Sweet tooth,