Tuesday, November 4, 2014

SingTel WiFi | Platypus Lobster Shack!

After being back from Aussie, I felt like I needed to go out for a walk, see if there is any changes in town, do some shopping (oh ya, the queue at the newly opened Honey Creme is insane! Probably gonna wait a few months till the initial hype is over...) I also wanted to satisfy my craving of KFC's BBQ Cheese Meltz and my dose of llao llao yogurt! I say until like as if I've been away for 2 years but in actual fact I left for 3 weeks only, LOL Got my weekend all planned out nicely and even made reservations to have Lobster Roll at Platypus Lobster Shack! First time trying out Lobster roll!

Anyway if you have been reading my blog recently, you would have read about the SingTel contest that was running on my blog during the start of October. I went through all the entries and picked Charlotte as  the winner as I thought her entry was rather short, sweet and somewhat touching: 

 "The extra 100 mins will come in handy to call my grandma who doesn't use SMS and I'll use the unlimited data on SingTel WIFI to talk to my jie who has a year left to complete her masters overseas. I knock off work at Raffles Place around 8pm which is the time she wakes up and having SingTel WIFI at Raffles Place MRT while I wait for my train makes it so much easier to pop an early morning video call to say hi to her without worrying about exceeding data :)"

Once again, Congrats Charlotte! You won yourself additional 2GB of mobile data/ month for 1 year worth $256.80! Thank you to the rest of you guys who participated. I'll try to run more contests on my blog in the future! I recently converted my SingTel mobile plan to Combo 3 (and got myself an iPhone 6+ woohoo!!!) and over the weekend before my dinner reservation at Platypus Lobster Shack, I chanced upon a couple of SingTel premium WiFi hot spots while i was shopping in central area so I turned on my iPhone WiFi and gave the free service a try to see if it really works! LOLOLOL
 photo singtel.jpg~original
Within 10 seconds, my phone was automatically connected to the dedicated SingTel WIFI network and the connectivity was significantly faster! No need to login or whatsoever. For those who are already on SingTel Combo Plan, you get to enjoy UNLIMITED WIFI usage from now till 31 July 2015 and subsequently, all combo plans will come with 2GB of WIFI data allowance! Refer to this LINK for more info and for the updated list of places with SingTel Premium WIFI coverage!
 photo plans.jpg
 Overview of Singtel's combo plans.

I was comparing my previous plan (Flexi Value - $59.90/ month) to my current Combo 3 ($62.90/ month) and i realised i stand to benefit a lot more with that additional $3! Firstly, i had an increase of 100 mins in terms of outgoing talktime minutes and secondly, 300 more local SMS/MMS compared to my previous 300 (not that i use a lot of SMS though, lol) This time, there is the add-on of WiFi usage and it really helps to off set my local data usage. I was watching youtube videos while waiting for my friends at the MRT station and because i was connected to the SingTel WiFi, i need not worry about exceeding my data. Fact: Do you know that 1 min of streaming HD video on YouTube uses about 5.1MB? :D

Recently there has been a hype on Lobster Rolls and there are a couple of pretty popular post on "top (insert x number) lobster rolls to try in Singapore" so the 4 of us (Jing long, Fenny, Angie and myself) went through the list and decided to give one of it a try by choosing one of the more value yet affordable Lobster Roll in Singapore - Platypus Lobster Shack.
 photo IMG_0812.jpg
Platypus Lobster Shack
3 Pickering Street #01-31 Nankin Row Singapore 048660
 photo IMG_0809.jpg
Lobster Roll at priced at $19.90 each or $22.90 for a set which comes with a side salad and truffle chips. It would definitely be more worth it if you order the set but we decided to order 4 different variation of lobster roll and a bowl of truffle chips ($6.90) to share since we are not really into the side salad. The chips was pretty disappointing in my opinion. It's totally like those BBQ potato chips you can find anywhere and drizzled with slight truffle oil on the surface.
 photo roll.jpg
Honestly speaking, I was expecting Lobster Roll to be nice, warm and savory but I was somewhat disappointed. I could taste the thick succulent lobster meat with every bite though and that was quite satisfying. Maybe it's a personal preference that I would like it to be warm, LOL The roll was also quite small but then again, for the price we are paying, it's considered not bad already (other rolls in the "list" cost an average of $45) If this is how a typical lobster roll taste like, I guess I probably won't be a fan. But I will still definitely go for Grilled or warm poached lobster anytime! :D