Monday, December 8, 2014

Australia 2014: Photo-Travelogue Part 1/2

A couple of months ago, i went to Australia for a 3 weeks work trip (i wished it was for a holiday instead, lol) and it was quite an eye opener for me. Despite me traveling frequently throughout the past few years, this trip was the first time i traveled out of Asia. Took a 7 hours flight to Brisbane via Singapore Airlines. Even though it's an Economy flight on SQ, the 7 hours was not exactly comfortable. I couldn't really find a nice position to fall asleep in and ended up watching about 4 movies throughout the flight. Cannot imagine if i were to take a budget airline with the much constraint space.

Transited at Brisbane to Rockhampton, Queensland. Obviously i wouldn't do a travelogue out of this 3 weeks trip because it's gonna take forever to complete plus there wasn't much of an itinerary. Basically during my off days, i would google and see what are the places/ attractions i can visit around the area. It's not like going to Gold coast or Sydney where you really need an itinerary. Throughout the 3 weeks, i just randomly took snapshots of things that are around me, the food that i eat, the places that i visited and some interesting things like wild animals like kangaroos and cows.

Took about 500 odd photos throughout the trip and managed to filter down to what you are going to see in this 2 part photo travelogue. More of scenery photos which are all very wallpaper worthy, less photos of myself/ selfies, for once. Weather is super nice there, Sunny but not hot, chill in the night. Food is really expensive, especially Asian food. We frequent this Hong Kong restaurant and they dishes are like average Aud13 - 14 each, which is about Sgd15 for a place of duck rice or wanton noodle, the portion is huge though. Chocolates are surprisingly very cheap and grocery shopping is quite enjoyable despite the price. A bottle of coke cost about Aud3.50 (which is Sgd4) Like what? The cheapest food is probably pizza. Fast food prices like KFC, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster are still quite acceptable at about Aud10/ meal.

This trip is the longest i have ever been away from home. I returned to the same hotel room every single day and had hotel breakfast every day with different kind of eggs (American breakfast which i usually have for brunch in SG, LOL) There were ups and downs in this trip and there were times i wished i was back in SG but nevertheless, the 3 weeks passed quite quickly and unknowingly i'm back in Singapore again. Shall not bore you guys further with chunks of words (i wonder if you guys read it anyway, HAHAHHA) So without further ado, do enjoy my photo travelogue in Australia
 photo 1.jpg
✈ Brisbane Airport, Australia
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 photo 3.jpg
 photo 4.jpg
✈ Rockhampton, Queensland
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 photo 7jpg
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Back in Singapore,                               
Photos taken using iPhone 6+ | Canon G7x | Edited using Adobe Photoshop | PhotoScape
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