Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SingTel WiFi | Get more data and save!

This is probably the 3rd month since i renewed my Singtel line (and got myself the iPhone 6+!) and I'm happy to see the difference before and after the renewal! Ever since i switched to the Combo 3 plans, i have been making use of the unlimited data usage via Singtel WiFi hotspots whenever I'm outside, especially in town. I used to bust my data limit by about 2GB per month (my old Flexi plan has 3GB + 1 GB additional top up, total 4GB/month) and i had to pay additional $10.70 for each GB that i exceed. It's like no matter how i scrimp, save and try not to bust the limit, i will still end up exceeding and paying for at least 1 additional GB a month, damn! But now let me present to you my latest Singtel bill:
 photo bill.jpg
My grand total for Data usage in my latest bill was only 2.1GB . Like what sorcery is this.

Just in case you were wondering if i stopped playing games on my phone, or decided to use my phone lesser, the answer is no. Nothing has changed, except that i turned on my phone's WIFI more frequently now that there might be a possibility a SingTel Wifi hotspot might just be around the corner, LOL It's like you don't even have to look it. Whenever your phone's WIFI detects a SingTel WiFi hotspot, it will automatically connect to it without you having to login or whatsoever. Next thing you know, you see your 3G/4G logo at the top of your phone being replaced by the WIFI sign :D
 photo singtel1.jpg
 photo singtel2.jpg
Having to switched to the latest Combo plan adds on an additional 100 mins talk time. Other than data, the no. 2 concern would definitely be outgoing talktime minutes. No issues with incoming calls because they are free but what if you are the one calling out? 100 minutes does makes a big difference i feel. I used to be one of those who spend my night chatting with my friends over the phone and end up busting my talk time limit. Then again, times have changed, now everyone is chatting over whatsapp or LINE instead of over the phone. But still, it's good to have more talk time

Here's an overview of SingTel's latest Combo plan:
 photo plans-1.jpg
 photo singtel3.jpg
If you are already a SingTel Combo plan subscriber, do turn on your WiFi and try out the FREE Singtel WiFi service if you come across any of their hotspots! For the whole list of hotspots available, you can refer to this link - Can't wait for more hotspots to be up, especially at MRT stations where it would probably be most useful since people are always gathering or waiting for one another there. Happy my monthly bill is pretty constant now! Wish i could have shown you guys my old bills. LOL