Saturday, January 24, 2015

The more we get "to-gather", the merrier we'll be.

Le BFF flew back to SG from Aussie so once again without fail every year, we met up for Christmas again! Yes, this is an overdue post, LOL This year we left out the gift exchange since we ran out of ideas on what to get for each other. Was tasked to find a place for our dinner so i chose To-gather Cafe at Bedok since 2/3 of us stays in the east, HAHHAHA Since it was a weekday, i didn't thought we need to make reservation but i was wrong. In the end we queued up for about 15 mins, not too bad actually. Always wanted to visit this relatively new cafe after seeing photos of the cafe popping up on instagram recently. Never thought one would open a cafe in Bedok, not really accessible i would say but i think they are doing quite well. That day was a weekday and it was almost full throughout the night! I really like the design of the cafe with all the inspirational and happy quotes all over the walls . You can even add on your own quote on a piece of colored post-it and paste it on a particular wall. Hmm, quite an interesting concept although i don't see people writing..
 photo to1.jpg
Ordering and payment was via the counter. While waiting for our food, we decided to take photo and yah see commented that me and Nurul was not enthusiastic enough which explains the above photo, LOLOLOL Super enthu okay!
 photo to2.jpg
Ordered a main dish each and a platter to share. From the top: To-gather sample platter ($8.90) Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop ($8.90) Pork Cordon Bleu ($10.90) To-gather Big Breakfast ($8.90) Chocolate Lava cake w/ vanilla gelato ($5.90) The prices are relatively cheap and affordable and the taste is also pretty average. Apparently their lava cake is the highlight of the cafe which i can see why because it's quite good. Ours didn't flow out though but it's still delicious.
 photo IMG_2397.jpg
Went over to Teo Heng for K session just like always to end our night 

To-gather Cafe
84 Bedok North Street 4 
# 01-25 / 27 
Singapore 460084