Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wanderlust: 4D3N Phuket Travelogue - Day 1

It's been 1 month since i returned from Phuket for my 2014 year end beach getaway trip! The initial plan was actually to go to Bali since none of us have been there before but the year end air fares are super expensive regardless of which country you fly to. After all the hard work and stress, i really felt like i need a beach getaway and was counting day by day to the day we depart. Somewhere relaxing with no one to bother, away from everything. The main objective of this trip was  to go with no itinerary planned for and simply relax throughout the 4 days.  I regularly checked and compared the prices on the various airlines websites for about a week and finally decided to fly to Phuket instead since it's much cheaper than flying to Bali. We then decided to fork out more and choose a better accommodation for our 3 nights stay!
 photo airport1.jpg
Bought a "pro" selfie stick (china brand but not the lousy cheap kind) from JB the week before just for this trip! Met up at the airport early in the morning and we are so ready to depart to Phuket! Can't wait to see our accommodation, the beach and the waters! I keep emphasizing on the accommodation because i think we paid quite a lot for it and we were really excited to see if the room is gonna be like the photos we saw on their website. The highlight of the room is definitely the attached Jacuzzi at the balcony - something that all the 3 of us are really looking forward to, LOLOLOLOL
 photo airport.jpg
Met up at the airport early in the morning and we are all ready for our Phuket getaway! I even brought along my straw hat and finally got to wear the floral berms that i bought from Volta but have no idea when to wear, LOL Apparently we were almost late for check in and Jiaqi went into panic mode. Changi airport is like one of my favorite place to visit even when i'm not traveling out of the country. The flight to Phuket took about 2 hours. I got the window seat! Hehe :D
 photo IMG_1240.jpg
Arrived in Phuket and the immigration queue was ohmytians. By the way, we got stopped by one of the officers after taking the above photo. "No photo-taking allowed" While queuing, we noticed some officers going up to some Ang mos and the next thing you know, the whole group of them got out of the queue and to this "express" queue to exit the immigration area. We then realized the officers were secretly going around to check passports but offering "express queue" at 700 baht ($28.50) We weren't sure if the 700 baht was for per person or per group so in the end we queued up as per normal for about 40 mins just to clear immigration... If it's for a group of people then i think it's quite worth it...

After clearing immigration, we headed out of the airport and took a shared mini van to Patong where our hotel is located. We each paid about 180 baht? ($7) got into a mini van with about 6 other tourist and the journey from the airport to our hotel took another 35 mins. Reached the hotel at about 1 pm which was too early because the earliest we can check into our room is at 2 pm so we decided to leave our luggage at the lobby and head out to grab a quick lunch.
 photo street.jpg
The streets of Patong is pretty much the same as a few year back when i visited this place. In fact, it's pretty much like Bangkok too, with all the random street food along the road. Passed by this mobile banana pancake and i just had to order one and munch along the way while we look for a place to have our lunch. Did you notice my pineapple bag? LOL
 photo IMG_1255.jpg
Had our lunch at this place called "Rosco's" I don't know why but i had a strong craving for prawns so i ordered the stir fried prawns and mushroom dish along with white rice. Forgot what did Jing Long and Jiaqi order. I think it's Pad Thai and this glass noodle dish, had a couple of smoothies too. You have no idea throughout the 4 days in Phuket, how many cups of juice/ smoothies we had! We lost count ourselves. In such a hot weather, watermelon smoothie is like the best!

Went back to our hotel at about 2 pm and was brought to our room and was quite surprised when we first enter:
 photo room.jpg
Deevana Patong Resort & Spa - Deluxe Room with Jacuzzi.
43/2 Raj-U-Thid 200pee Road., Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150 Thailand, Thailand

The room was bigger than expected and there is a living area, a dining area, a huge toilet with bath tub and standing shower and an additional bed that we added on since we have 3 people. Not forgetting the balcony with our very own private Jacuzzi! Overlooking the balcony is the swimming pool with a bar in it. The three of us were so happy with our room and we ended up spending about half the time of this trip in our room, and enjoying our private Jacuzzi. HAHAHA
 photo IMG_6435.jpg
Look at how happy we are! HAHHAHAH Wished the Jacuzzi was heated though.

Totally nua-ed in the room till evening since none of us feel like moving and the objective of this trip is to relax and not follow any itinerary. In case you were wondering how much the room is, it cost about $180 per night. Pretty worth it! :D
 photo mall.jpg
Walked over to Jungceylon, the main shopping mall in Patong to have our dinner and i intro-ed this place called "Urban Food" because i remember the Cordon Bleu i had few years back here and it was pretty good. It's like a restaurant that serves a mix of asian and western food. Slightly pricey but everywhere else in the mall is pretty much around the same.
 photo grocery.jpg
Spent the rest of night shopping at Big C supermarket. Getting all the essentials and snacks to last us for the next 3 days! Also bought a couple of ciders to enjoy in our Jacuzzi at night, so AYG! HAHAHHAHA Got a lot of snacks and cheap goggles so we can take underwater shots in the swimming pool. Apparently none of us can open our eyes in the water. LOL Oh ya, during the day we past by those tour booths and we wanted to find a nice place off shore that we can relax for the day so we booked a boat trip to "Raya island". Never heard of it before but the photos on the brochure looks nice (lol!) and we felt that it was much better than those island hopping tour that we have rush here and there. That's all! 


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