Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stumble upon Roosevelt's.

Was thinking of spending an afternoon at some cafe so Jiaqi and i thought of going to the Outram park area to see which cafe we should go to. After all there are some pretty famous ones over at the area such as Stranger's Reunion. However when we got out of the MRT station, it was raining pretty heavily and we practically couldn't go anywhere so we spotted Roosevelt's. The place was quite empty and the menu did look promising with a few interesting food items which caught our attention so we decided to spend our afternoon at Roosevelt's instead of waiting for the rain to stop. #didnotregret
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331 New Bridge Road, #01-02 Dorsett Residences, 088764

The ambiance inside was really nice, probably because it was not crowded. The place was well decorated. Kind of the perfect place to have afternoon brunch. Even though there were only 2 of us, we were feeling quite greedy and wanted to order more than just mains for ourselves! In the end we decided to ordered a side of truffle fries ($11) mains - her's being Truffle Mac & Cheese ($18) and mine - Ham & Triple cheese waffles ($14) How enticing does that sound right!!!
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Not only that, we wanted to try the Fish & Chips but was afraid we couldn't finish the adult portion ($18) so we asked the staff if the breaded fish for the kids menu is the same. After clarifying with the kitchen, the staff mentioned that it's the same just that the portion is smaller so we ordered the kids version of Fish & chips ($10)! 2 person eat so much, LOL
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Spend a good 3 hours at the cafe chatting and having good food. This is the kind of afternoon that i enjoy the most. Turns out the rain is a blessing in disguise, LOL I'm quite sure the rest of the cafes around the area are pretty packed in the afternoon. After our brunch, we explored the area quite a bit and stumbled upon a few other cafes. That's all for this post! Interested in featuring your cafe/ eatery on this blog? Drop me an email at im.andystorm@gmail.com :)

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