Friday, June 12, 2015

Visit to #TrappedSG Escape Room!

Recently i was invited by to head down to their outlet to have a go at one of their 5 escape rooms that they offer! I've always been a fan of these escape rooms because it really requires you to work together as a team to find clues, solve puzzles, use the very last bit of your brain juice to find the way out of the room within a certain time limit. 
 photo IMG_3413.jpg
 photo IMG_3412.jpg has 2 outlets in Singapore, one at Kandahar Street and the other at *Scape. The room that we attempted that day was the "Hunger Games" and it was hosted at the Kandahar Street outlet. Nearest MRT would be at EW12 Bugis.
 photo IMG_3418.jpg
I invited the "brunch buddies" group (4 of us) to join me for this exciting escape room challenge! Each room can take a group size of about 2 to 10 players but from my experience, i would recommend the team size to be about 4 to 6 players. (Even though there is a saying, the more brains the better. LOL) I mean imagine having 10 people in one small room trying to find clues and solving puzzles, it's definitely gonna be noisy and everyone will be all over the place! LOL
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Before the start of the game, the game master will give you a briefing on the game rules, the story line for your room (in our case, something along the Hunger Games movie) and what is expected of you and your team. 60 mins was all we had to "escape" from the room and the next thing we know, the huge countdown timer started. #panicmodeon HAHA
 photo IMG_3410.jpg
The thing about these escape rooms is that you are literally "thrown" into the room without a single clue so you really have to start from scratch and find clues to gain access to the next room. You have to literally rampage through everything (at the same time be mindful of the game rule of not flipping any furniture, lol. We got scolded a few times for moving the furniture, opps) You have to solve the different puzzles, find the locker combinations etc. It was really stressful but exciting at the same time. You will realise the one hour you have passes really fast! zomgbbqwtf

Oh ya, did i mention they provide you with a wireless phone before you enter the room? Well, you technically have 3 calls to the game master just in case you are stuck at any one point and require a clue to advance further. I honestly think we made more than 3 calls that day, lol. According to their website, the "Hunger Games" room is 80 out 100% difficulty and 86% intensity. I have no idea how smaller groups can handle the intensity when the 4 of us literally went crazy inside. LOL Sometimes the clues are just right in front of us and we can just missed it or the clue can be found at the last place you would think of, example - the air vent or in the power socket on the wall. LIKE SERIOUSLY. tian ah...
 photo IMG_3409.jpg
As you might have guessed it, we failed our mission. Damn! I thought we were smart enough to solve it. LOLOLOL

When the 60 mins were up, the game master came into the room and started explaining the flow of the game. Like what we are supposed to look for, how to solve the puzzle etc. Throughout the explanation, in my mind i was like, "how would you expect anyone to think of this?!" but apparently he said a quite a number of teams managed to solve the whole game in under an hour. I guess we are just not good enough or maybe we are just tired after work. #excuses, lol

Overall it was a really fun experience and i would totally love to do it all over again. Not the same room since we already know how to "solve" the Hunger Games room, but the other 4 rooms. Throughout the 1 hour session, i really felt that i was really squeezing my brain juice to think out of the box to solve the puzzles. If you are looking for a challenge with your friends, or you think you have amazingly high IQ and problem solving skills, i would highly recommend you to give a try! More details like the different rooms, location and pricing can be found on their site -! Thanks for the invite, i will be back!!!!! :D

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