Saturday, May 30, 2015

香港 Hong Kong '15 - Day 4 & 5

The last post for this 香港 trip which consist of Day 4 and 5. Normally when i finish a blog travelogue, it would meant that i am departing for another trip real soon but i guess this time it's not the case, HAHA. I'm still in Singapore, working my ass off, growing more white hair from all the stress (but in the meantime also trying to plan for another trip, probably within the next few months, LOL) Who knows i might just go for another impromptu trip! I'm trying lah. HAHA
 photo meidu cafe.jpg
Woke up quite late and decided to head down to this old rustic cafe that i have been passing by for the past few days. My cousin told me i should totally visit the place because of their old school breakfast and setting. Mido Cafe, 63 Temple St, Hong Kong. I ordered a cup of hot cocoa and traditional toast with luncheon meat and egg. Awesome! :D
 photo IMG_4508.jpg
After breakfast, i went to explore the area and came across the street market. Very happening place.
 photo IMG_4319.jpg
Came across a store where they sell the HK famous curry fish ball so i decided to order some for myself. Apparently i got cheated because the auntie prepared the largest portion (instead of the usual 1 or 2 sticks) for me, probably because she realized i'm a tourist. I ended up with a huge bowl of fish balls (about 25 of them?) and had to pay like SGD7 for it? So angry. Kept eating while walking around until my jaw became sore from all the chewing. TMDDDD! >:(
 photo IMG_4406.jpg
Just had to take an #ootd in front of the old grey buildings of Hong Kong.
 photo fullcup cafe.jpg
Went to this "Mei Ho House" cafe which is a cafe at a hostel. Address: Hong Kong, 石硤尾巴域街九龍深水埗石硤尾邨41座 It's a very nice place to chill and maybe meet people, make friends because it's located in a hostel area for backpackers and tourists. I literally spent my whole afternoon sitting there. LOL The design of the place is really nice as well! :D
 photo IMG_4451.jpg
Salad. French Toast. Hot Chocolate to last for the entire afternoon at Mei Ho House Cafe.
 photo IMG_4489.jpg
Passed by this long street where they mainly sell pets and fishes. The fishes are individually packed into these plastic bags and hanged outside the shop. It makes me wonder what happens at the end of the day the shop closes... do they refill the oxygen in the bag or do they pour the fishes back into a tank. Whichever way, it seem like a lot of effort.
 photo IMG_4494.jpg
Had to give this milk pudding a try since i'm in Hong Kong and my cousin recommended me the ones from Yee Shun. Not a fan of milk so i chose the chocolate version. Still very milky, not to my liking. HAHA Do give it a try in Hong Kong!
 photo IMG_4499.jpg
Last day in Hong Kong and i forced myself to wake up for one last breakfast. Chose a cha chaan teng 茶餐厅 to have the standard Hong Kong breakfast (which i loveeee!) Ordered the Polo bun set with ham and egg, additional luncheon meat toast and lemon coke (?!). Last day liao, must order more what! HAHAHAHA I was really full when i left the place, hehe
 photo IMG_4314.jpg
Decided to explore the area and digest my heavy breakfast. HAHA Went into another street market and also this jade market. The morning life in Hong Kong is really interested. Exactly like what was depicted in the HK dramas, LOLOL
 photo IMG_4506.jpg
Thanks to Visondata for providing their portable WIFI device, i was able to stay connected throughout my 5 days in Hong Kong! Normally when i touched down at my destination, one of the first things i would do would be to get a local sim card, but this time i could do without getting one! Having one of these portable WIFI devices allows users to stay connected to the internet while traveling, without worrying about hefty data roaming charges. How awesome is that! :D

VDS currently offers their portable WIFI rental to 15 popular destinations including Japan, Korea, Europe and more and rental cost as low as $9 per day, definitely cheaper than what local telcos offer for data roaming. With the device, you can even connect a few devices to it at the same time! So if you are traveling in groups, you guys might want to share and rent one of these WIFI devices to stay connected throughout the trip! It was very useful having data connection throughout the trip because i depend on GPS to navigate around and also to search for places and food around the area.

Just 4 simple steps in renting your WIFI from VisonData:
#1: Make a reservation via phone or online -
#2: Pickup the device at the store (#05-41C,IMM Building 2) or arrange for courier.
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Once again, thank you VisonData for extending your service for my Hong Kong trip! Connection was great throughout the trip. I was able to stay connected, update my Facebook Status, upload photos on my instagram, contact my friends using whatsapp and many more! I would definitely want to rent one of these devices for my future overseas trip! :D

 photo IMG_4515.jpg
Time to checkout of my hotel and head to the airport!
 photo jetstar.jpg
Jetstar flight back to Singapore. Good bye Hong Kong.
 photo selfie2.jpg
#selfie on board. First solo trip a success! Weeeeee~
 photo IMG_4551.jpg
Like i mention in my very first post, this trip was rather a fulfilling one. I came to Hong Kong without knowing what to do, where to go. I just wanted to leave the country to get some "alone" time and move on. When people say go for a trip, you will feel better. It's somewhat true and false at the same time. True as in you get to reflect but false because when you spend time alone, you tend to think more and further. Irregardless, it was a fruitful trip to me.

Till the next trip,                           

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