Thursday, August 27, 2015

I can has a new watch! Casio G-Shock G'MIX

It's been awhile since i updated this blog of mine. Not that i don't bother anymore but i have been busy with my personal life, busy with work and recently just got back from a trip to Indonesia! Can't wait to consolidate the photos and probably do a short travelogue on the trip! On another note, i'm flying to Hong Kong next week (i know i just went HK recently but still. LOL) Quite an impromptu decision to book tickets but i think i will enjoy it more compared to the previous time *wink After which a few weeks later, i'll be flying over to Aussie in October for work, once again "celebrating" my birthday overseas for the 2nd year in a row. Quite glad it's only for 2 weeks and not any longer. Phew.
 photo Photo 26-7-15 3 49 33 pm.jpg
Anyway, recently Casio (very kindly) gave me one of their latest G-shock G'MIX watch that comes in 7 different colors and after careful deliberation, i chose the red one. Was contemplating between the black, black-gold and red but decided to go with the red since i don't have a red watch and the red seem to be the nicest (and most attractive) out of the bunch. I'm always wearing monochrome colors like in the above photo and my Red G-MIX watch really stands out.
 photo IMG_3497.jpg
The main highlight of this G-Shock G'MIX watch is that it's a Bluetooth watch! It may look just like any other ordinary G-Shock watches but this G'MIX watch allows you to connect to your smart phone to control your music using your watch via Bluetooth - which also means you can actually leave your phone in your pocket or in your bag and wireless-ly control music tasks like increasing/ decreasing the volume, next track etc. Sounds pretty cool hor? There is even a cool function whereby with SoundHound technology, you can search for the song playing at your area and if found, the title of the song will be displayed on your phone! When the Casio people first demo-ed to me this function, i was pretty impressed.
 photo app.jpg
Basic functions that can be set via the G-Shock+ app where you can set the time, alarm, timers and even how long you want the light illumination to last and because the watch and your phone is linked via Bluetooth, the timing displayed on your smart phone will automatically be adjusted to be the same on the watch. So imagine going overseas to a place where there is a time zone difference, the time on your watch will auto reflect the time zone you are in seamlessly :D
 photo button.jpg
You can even set the functions of each button for your music control :)
 photo app2.jpg
Here's a glimpse of the G-Mix app where there is a dedicated music player which allows you to have intuitive control over the sound quality i.e equalizer. Note that you can still control the music functions with your smart phone's music player without using the app. While playing your song, the title will also be displayed on your watch as shown below:
 photo soundhound.jpg
Quite cool hor? HAHA
 photo Photo 26-7-15 4 24 24 pm.jpg
 photo Photo 26-7-15 4 25 17 pm.jpg
The G-Shock G'Mix watch currently retails at $269 at G-Shock Factory islandwide and for my readers/ followers, if you flash this blogpost or my instagram post ( you will get $20 off the retail price! This promotion is valid from now till 23rd Sep 15. Psst, i heard now the stores are also giving a free music headset with any purchase of the G'Mix watch! But do note that you can only either have the $20 discount or receive the headphones. Visit for more info on the watch :)

That's all i have for this post, till the next update! Even though there might not be a lot of people reading my blog now compared to last time (thankful for those who still religiously visit everyday, haha) I hope and i will still update my blog every now and then! Keep those emails coming, be it personal or blog engagements. I will do my best to reply every single one of them :)

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