Monday, November 16, 2015

Till then.

3 months since i wrote on this blog. There were several times where i told myself i must sit down and churn out a post since i have free time on that particular day, just like today. I told myself that since i'm on leave today, i would cater some time to filter out photos to do a travelogue on my trip to ijen Crater in Indonesia a couple of months ago but in the end here i am procrastinating and god knows when i will have another time like this. LOL

Since the last post (which was an advertorial for G-Shock. Come to think of it, quite wu hua for them. Top post for 3 months leh, HAHAHA) Anyway, since the last post, I went to Hong Kong (again), went to Indonesia, went to Batam for a weekend getaway and recently came back from my 2 weeks work trip to Australia. Oh ya, i went to Legoland Malaysia for a day and guess what? I have already booked tickets to Vietnam for next month! #wanderlust? HAHA Time really flies and probably in a blink on eye, it will be Christmas and soon we will be counting down to 2016. 

November has been a pretty stressful month but i'm quite sure it will get better when December comes. After all it's the holiday season and i'm clearing 9 days of leave throughout the month. *cross fingers that the dates i requested for will be approve* I do miss blogging and writing about about my life but i guess it's all about priorities nowadays and what matters most to you. Not that i'm going to neglect this blog forever but i wished i can manage time better and stop procrastinating. HAHA That's all i have for this short entry. I really hope to blog about my ijen trip because it was really an interesting experience!

 Till then,