Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 things you may (or may not) know about Ricola!

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I’m quite sure when you guys read the title of this post, you would immediately think of sweets or lozenges when you read the word – 'Ricola'. After all, it's a well known household brand that we grew up with and for the “older” generation like me, some of us will remember having these little boxes of Ricola sweets in our school bags (which I would secretly pop into my mouth during class, lol) Till today, I LOVE the pearl series which is a chewy version of the original lozenges! I remember I will stick the sweet onto the roof of my mouth using the “suction method” (because of the pearl shape) I don’t know really know how to explain it in words but you just have to try it yourself if this is the first time you are reading about this, HAHAHA.
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Anyway, I have 5 things to share about Ricola which I thought were pretty interesting and you probably won’t know! We pretty much know about their wide ranges of flavours which are displayed prominently at the sweets section of every minimart and supermarket in Singapore. What else do you know about Ricola?
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#1: Ricola Original herb drops are made up of 13 different herbs
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Numerous positive properties are attributes to the 13 herbs. They are Horehound, Burnet, Speedwell, Marshmallow, Lady’s Mantle, Elder, Mallow, Peppermint, Sage, Yarrow, Cowslip, Plantain and Thyme. Probably 80% of these herbs sound unfamiliar to you but most of these herbs help in soothing and relieving coughs. Did you know that marshmallow is especially soothing for soothing irritable cough??? Now you have an excuse to tell your mum! But please don't quote me, HAHA.
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#2: ”Riiiiicolaaaa” It all began in 1993

Who can ever forget the internationally renowned “Riiiicolaaa” tune that we heard from their advertisement? It all began in 1993 when a TV ad featuring two farmers calling ‘Ricola’ to one another. After which the ‘Ricola call’ became an instant hit and since 1993, no Ricola TV ad has been released without the ‘Ricola call’.
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#3: Ricola uses no artificial colorings or flavourings
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Did you know that Ricola’s herb fields are located in the Swiss mountains? Ricola uses both modern technology and traditional methods of manual cultivation of their herbs. The cultivated herbs, once passed quality inspection, are carefully dried, cleaned, chopped and blended using their secret recipe and finally heated and mixed with other ingredients. After cooling, the mixture is shaped to form the herb drops. Ricola pays particular attention to the quality and natural condition of other ingredients and uses no artificial colorings or flavorings.
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#4: Famous self-confessed Ricola fans
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Ricola products are famous worldwide for their soothing effect on the mouth and throat and for aspiring singers. Did you know the secret that sucking Ricola herb oils drops 'oils' the vocal chords? Maybe from now onwards, you might want to have some Ricola candies around you before any vocal performances.
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#5: It's Ricola Original`s 75th Anniversary!
 photo Goldnugget_Hand_Label.jpg
See that Ricola Original herb made of real gold in the image above? Well, in view of Ricola Original's 75th Anniversary, you stand to win it in a one-time sweepstake! Basically you have 75 seconds to answer as many questions as possible and for each correct answer, you get one entry in the sweepstake! More info on the sweepstake here.

Well, how many out of the 5 things i mentioned above did you know about Ricola beforehand? I've already joined the sweepstake (since i now know so much about Ricola, MUAHAHA) and who knows, i might just be that lucky winner! *cross fingers*. Do let me know which is your favourite Ricola product and which flavor you love most by commenting on my Instagram post! Last but not least, Happy 75th Birthday Ricola Original! :D

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.