Monday, May 30, 2016

Revelry: Craving for Waffles?

It's been a long while since i updated this space of mine and in case you are wondering if i gave up blogging, the answer is no.I still have plans to continue writing just that priorities change as we grow older and we tend to have lesser and lesser time to do the things we love because of our commitments. Nevertheless i will still try my best to update this space as much as i can, especially documenting my travels! I recently came back from Bangkok and i already thought of doing up a post on it! Not the typical BKK travelogue because apparently (almost) every Singaporean has already been to BKK at least once. If you haven't, i wonder what you are waiting for. Anyway just stay tuned for the upcoming post!

Went to Revelry cafe last weekend and took some shots so i thought of doing up a post on it (in case you guys think i stopped blogging forever, lol) I have always wanted to visit Revelry but it's not exactly located at the most accessible place. (Bukit Timah leh, and i stay at Pasir Ris, Zzz.) Anyway since i had a 1 for 1 waffle voucher and it expires in June, i decided to make a trip down.
 photo Photo 29-5-16 3 39 15 PM.jpg
21 Lorong Kilat #01-02 Singapore 598123

It's along the same stretch as the popular Carpenter and Cook as well as Nook. Now with the new downtown line (DT5 Beauty World), that area is so much more accessible. Went around 2pm and thank god the Sunday crowd was not bad. 
 photo 2_1.jpg
Walked in for the indoor seats (the weather nowadays last warning.) The menu was presented in a pretty cool way, not the typical fold style. Generally Revelry serves 2 kinds of waffles, either sweet or savory. On top of waffles, there is also pasta, cakes and beverages. Was deciding between the sweet and savory but since the purpose of going there was for brunch, i opted for the savory. Everything sound so good on their menu and i decided to do what i always do when i go to a cafe. Searched the location geo tag on instagram to see which item is the most Instagram-able, i mean to see their best selling items and reviews. This method will usually sort of aid me in my final decision on what to have.
 photo Photo 29-5-16 3 14 24 PM.jpg
Classic Chicken and Waffle ($16)

This dish is probably their most instagram-able dish (usually it comes with greens beneath the chicken but i asked not to have it) and it was soooooo good! The chicken was crispy, juicy and tender that i almost forgot the existence of the waffle. Wait. Is that a good or bad thing? Whatever it is, the combination of fried chicken and waffles is matched in heaven. The waffles was light and fluffy and it compliments the chicken well. Definitely a must order dish. 
 photo Photo 29-5-16 3 14 38 PM.jpg
Revelry Signature Burffle ($18)

Another highlight and first dish of their menu, the signature Burffle. It's like sliders but instead of the bun, it's replaced with light fluffy waffles. I'm normally not a beef person but when i tasted their grilled beef patty i was like, wahhhh. I would totally order this (without the greens of course since i hate greens) The cheese, the sauce, everything compliments one another. No wonder it's the signature dish. I would still prefer my Chicken and Waffle though. 
 photo Photo 29-5-16 3 15 47 PM.jpg
Overall the meal felt really worth it, especially with my 1 for 1 waffle voucher, LOL I have read so much about their sweet waffles as well and it makes me want to visit Revelry again just for their sweet waffles. There is this Cloud 9 waffle with candy floss i think. Sounds very instagram worthy, HAHAHA Maybe next time i order that one. Must i also mention that the cafe also provides free WIFI and has power outlets around? Seem like the next place to chill and do some work or finish up a report right! Alright, that's all i have for this post. Till the next one!

I'm back!