Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#foodhype - Sushiro Premium Sushi Bar at Thomson Plaza

Once again, another food dish went viral thanks to social media and queues are forming. Photos of this particular Bara Chirashi Donburi have constantly been appearing on our instagram feed, colourful pieces of raw sashimi topped with ikura (salmon roe) and sprinkled with spring onions. Definitely insta-worthy. But what really caught our attention is this Premium Bara Chirashi Don which has sashimi cubes piled up like a mountain. I’m personally not a fan of raw food so i can’t really comment much about the overall taste but i still decided to visit the store at Thomson Plaza since they serve cooked food as well. Arrived at about 6.30pm (this place is not really accessible tbh) and there was already a long queue, despite signs saying “No queuing beyond this point”. Queued for about an hour, and got the counter seats. 
As you can see from the above photo, the store isn’t exactly very big, probably about 7 tables and several counter seats. We knew exactly what we wanted to order (well… we had an hour or so to think while queuing…) and since we got the counter seats, we could see the kitchen preparing our food (and it gave me really nice background for my photos, blessing in disguise LOL) the food took about just 10 mins to arrive after we ordered - which i consider really fast. 
For those who don’t eat raw, don’t worry. Like i said earlier, there is a cooked food menu as well. I had one of their specials - Glazed Duck Don ($14.80) Thick slices of duck torched upon order served with onsen egg. Simple yet delicious, recommended for those who are not there for the signature chirashi don. I truly enjoyed it. Other than this glazed duck don, there are the usuals jap food like Grilled unagi don, Chicken Katsu don and Grilled salmon don. 
The super worth-it Bara Chirashi Don ($12.80) that most people queued for. Generous serving of mixed marinated sashimi such as salmon, tuna, salmon roe, octopus and prawn, i would say this bowl looks really worth it at $12.80! But if you are looking for something more adventurous and worth your 1 hour queue, you might want to consider… 
The one that probably caught your attention on social media - The Premium Bara Chirashi Don ($22.80) which contain the usual sashimi cubes but on top of that, it has salmon belly, scallops, prawn tako and it’s piled up like a mountain. The first question that would come up to most people’s mind would be to question if the sashimi is placed on a mountain of rice but the answer is no. The portion of the rice remains the same and that mountain is full of goodness.

The portion is so much that i think it should be shared among 2 people.

And now, the most important question - Is this worth the 1 hour queue? Well, based on the feedback that i got from my 2 friends who had the chirashi don, the answer is sadly no. The portion is generous, the variety is good but taste wise, not bad but not that awesome as well. Or maybe i should rephrase such that you can try queueing once, but definitely not again. Anyway, there is the takeaway option so you can always drop by and grab their takeaway pre-packed Chirashi don without queueing. Then go to the nearby Starbucks and have it there with your friends instead. LOL

Not sure how long the hype is going to last and now it makes me wonder how Creamery is doing (if you remember a couple of post back i shared about then) II just got an update that the crowd at Sushiro is usually over the dinner hours and weekend, not so much on a weekday so you might want to try your luck? 5 more months to my Japan trip!

Opening Hours:
11.45pm - 2.15pm
5.45pm - 9.15pm
Closed on Mondays

Address: #01-113F, 301 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574408

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