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If you guys know me well enough (maybe not personally for most of you but might have been actively following my updates on social media) you would know that i’m a huge fan of sneakers, especially Adidas and i have so many pairs at home that my mum and i have to make this agreement that for every pair of new shoes that i bring home now, i have to forgo an old pair by throwing it away or donating it away. (I now secretly hide my new shoes in my room if you are wondering, lol) I haven’t really counted how many pairs i have in total but i think about 40 pairs in total now?  :|
Anyway recently i did a blog post on getting the highly sought after Adidas NMDs from overseas (link) and the folks from isShoe Singapore picked it up and decided to send a curated box of shoe care products to my place and here i am sharing the different products with you guys! A lot of us tend to buy these expensive shoes and put them together with our other shoes on the rack without thinking twice on how to care for them, or make them look new and last longer.
Before i go on, let me share a bit more on isShoe Singapore. They are founded with the belief to bring shoe storage and shoe care to people who face problems of messy shoes at home and their products are targeted to resolve such issues. They recently expanded their range of products and the products that i’m gonna share with you guys below are some of them :) I will be sharing on the above 6 products that i received from isShoe Singapore. I will be including the product direct link below each product image in case you guys are interested in getting it for yourself! :D  
isShoe Adjustable Shoe Tree (link

I have always wondered why there are times when i have to get some particular shoes half a size bigger or half a size smaller, isn’t it supposed to be standardized based on the universal shoe sizing? Like for example, I’m size UK7 in general but when it comes to NMD, i have to get at least UK7.5 and for my Adidas Superstar, i’m actually wearing the largest kids size (and i secretly save 20 bucks, lol) Well, apparently it’s not because our feet are shrinking or expanding but it’s based on the design and material of which the shoes are made. Different designs offers different cuttings and styles to fit the activities they are made for. With the adjustable shoe tree (which fits all shoes) it helps to maintain the shoe size or even stretches the shoe for more comfortable wear.  
IsShoe Horse Hair Shoe Brush (link

If you look at all the different shoe brushes in the market right now, you will realised that they are probably made with horse hair because it’s soft yet robust built. isShoe shoe brush is made of 100% premium horse hair and gives your shoes the most complete stroke to remove excess dust, dirt or minor stains . So it basically acts like a tooth brush and should be used daily for your shoes or after wearing them. Horse hair brushes are not only for sneakers but also compliments leather shoes and give it a soft clean finish.  
Jewel Shoe Eraser (link

I tend to not buy white shoes because it gets dirty easily but sometimes i personally still own a few pairs of and my favourite is definitely the classic Adidas superstar. I always get all these stubborn stains on the sole and it never comes off even when i use water or soup. Well, the answer to such stains is actually by using an eraser. The Jewel shoe eraser is famous for saving white soles of many shoes especially Adidas NMDs and Yeezy boost!  
isShoe Repulse Hydrophobic Spray (link

I’m quite sure you guys have seen shoe sprays before and liquid literally just bounces off the surface of the shoes that have been treated by these spray. isShoe is one of the first companies in SG to locally brand a shoe spray and i have got to say it works as well as other brands! I have used it on my NMDs and i’m glad they are now “water-repellent”. Really hate it when you wear your best shoes out and suddenly the weather turns bad and starts pouring...

Repulse creates a prime layer above the shoes and the hydrophobic property prevent any form of liquid from trying to penetrate the layer be it oil, sauces or most common, water. Each spray should last for about 2 to 3 weeks and it is recommended that you re-apply once every 2 weeks to ensure maximum repellency effect. Don’t think that you only have spray once and your shoes will repel water forever! I would say it’s a really good investment to get one of these, especially if your shoes are really rare and expensive like the Yeezy. You wouldn’t want it to get dirty and soggy right?
isShoe Remove (link

This product basically is an active carbon shoe insert that aims to absorb moisture, which is the main contributing factor to bacteria growing in our shoes which can cause infections. While absorbing the moisture, this products also eliminates odors. I was also enlightened that Singapore has one of the highest humidity rating in the world as we live along the equator in tropical conditions, which explains why our shoes loses its shape or discolour over months of use.The greatest deterioration will be suede material as copied in humidity. With the active carbon, it absorbs moisture and prevent your shoe material from deteriorating. Pretty handy and it doesn’t cost much! 

Last but not least, not a shoe care product but it keeps your shoes tidy and protect them from moth attacks, dust…  
Elenor Prime Shoe Storage Box (link

Shoe racks typically are open and our shoes are subjected to external factors such as moisture and dust. If you are looking for an aesthetically modern looking shoe rack for your place or room, this is one shoe storage that you can consider! The 1.5mm acrylic provides see-through feature to know exactly which shoe is kept in which box, at the same time protecting your shoes. The edge of these storage boxes are designed with grooves such that they can be stack to increase stability and sturdiness of the whole structure to prevent them from falling. 

Well, that’s quite a handful of useful products just for your shoes! I know most people usually won’t spend the effort in taking care of their shoes, including myself… but after learning more about how these products can help in prolonging and keeping them clean, i thought maybe it’s time to take care of my shoes. You can definitely start too, even simply by brushing your shoes clear of dirt every time you return home. How long can it take? 5 mins? 10 mins? I thought the shoe storage box looks pretty neat and minimal for a room though *wink 

Do visit visit isShoe Singapore website - for more products and shoe storage solutions. They even have a physical showroom for you to visit from Monday to Friday, 10am to 9pm, if not just browse and purchase online from their site and get FREE delivery for orders above $60! 

Psst, the Repulse hydrophobic spray is now on sale at only $14! I’m sure other brands are at least 3 times that price! 

Time to shop,