Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Better Florist: Fresh Blooms with same day delivery!

When the folks from abetterflorist approached me for a collaboration, i looked through their website and thought to myself, “Wah, all their in-house bouquets looks really really pretty, it would be nice to receive one of these…” So my first intention was to pick one of it for my room and flaunt it on instagram the moment the delivery arrives but then again, it just seem too superficial. (Not throwing shade at those who got it for themselves, lol) I thought it would be rather meaningful if i send it to someone else instead, I’m quite sure they will  definitely appreciate it more than i will. 

After thinking for awhile, i then thought of my best friend who is starting her new job the following week. Being in a brand new environment, with new colleagues, new workspace, why not send a bouquet of flowers over with a congratulation message? It will probably brighten up her day! So i browse through their abetterflorist catalogue (between the Signature Blooms and Farmer’s Choice) and finally chose the Lilah which consists of bright blooms and a starburst pincushion, not only that, the Lilah also comes in a glass vase which makes it perfect for work desk decoration!
What i am really impressed by abetterflorist is that delivery is FREE and they offer SAME DAY DELIVERY if you order before 3pm! This is honestly the first time i hear of free flower delivery. Florist usually charge delivery fee which can be pretty expensive (sometimes as much as 1/2 the price of the flowers itself, depending on location) Fast forward on the actual day (my friend still has no idea as it’s meant to be a surprise) I got a text and a photo of the flowers!  
I was rather shocked at the size of the bouquet. Didn’t expect it to be so big.  
…and now the flowers sits nicely at the desk, brightening up the whole area :) 

I would say the whole process was really fuss free and easy. From choosing the bouquet from their website (more than enough choices for different people, different occasions) to arranging for delivery and payment.  Each bouquet looks amazing on its own and definitely instagrammable, LOL Come to think of it, the bouquets can definitely be featured in your photo shoots (i.e. wedding, lookbook etc) because they all look so vibrant, colourful and wrapped up tastefully!
If you and your friends/date are looking for something more exciting and interesting to do over the weekend, you can sign up for abetterflorist flower jamming session that is happening every Saturday. Learn florist hacks and flower arrangement from the expert, and personalise your very own bouquets. See how cheap flowers be transformed into classy decor and luxurious bouquets.

You might think these sessions are gonna be crazily expensive but you will be surprised! I’m not gonna reveal the price but enjoy a special rate of only $40 per person (for the first 5 sign-ups) Do checkout abetterflorist Facebook page for updates on their flower jamming session! I will be signing up for the session myself so do say hi if you ever see me! :)

Till then!