Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gaston Luga - Your ultimate travel bagpack

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When it comes to traveling overseas, i always feel that it’s very important to have a good bagpack. It should big enough to contain your daily essentials like passport, documents, water bottle, power bank etc and not only that, it must be comfortable to bring around, the weight should be balanced on both sides and the shoulder strap should rest nicely without causing any strain. Last but not least, it should look good and stylish, and even be part of your travel #ootds. If you have always been looking for a travel bag pack that fits the above description, i might just have the bag for you.  
I was asked to handpicked one of Gaston Luga bagpack between their class and Pråper collection and i was immediately drawn to their Pråper bagpack in full black. (i’m such a sucker for black and stylish stuff LOL) Anyway, the Pråper design comes in 3 colour choices - Black, Olive & Black as well as Navy &Brown. (and pink for girls!) Well, just in case you think i chose this bag just because it’s all black, here are more reasons why i chose the Pråper collection:  
Metal hook closure, adjustable with 4 levels to suit your packing need. Very fuss-free handy way of securing your bag, especially when you are in a rush to catch your train or flight. Just hook and go. Not like the typical “belt” or magnet method which could take some time to fasten or might become loose in the long run.  
Inner 13 to 15” laptop sleeve. Ever since i got my macbook, i tend to bring it around everywhere i go because i get to do work and transfer photos from my camera on the go, especially during long rides. The inner sleeve separates my macbook with the rest of the items in my bag. The inner of the bagpack is dressed in 100% cotton fabric by the way.  
Last but not least, one of my favourite feature and also why i think this Pråper bagpack makes a very good travel bag - the passport and ticket pocket at the back. This unique pocket makes keeping your passport ticket safe, yet accessible at the same time. No more rampaging through all your items in a hurry or holding your documents on hand while on the go with a chance of misplacing them.   
The Pråper design retails at $309, while the classic collection retails at $299. (There is also a Classy collection for females at $269) Enjoy FREE shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) and additional 15% off with promo code - “andystorm15”! To give you an idea how much it would cost for a Pråper bagpack after the above mentioned rebate and discount, it would cost a grand total of $216.92 with FREE shipping! That’s almost $100 off the retail price, and i think it’s pretty affordable for the good quality bagpack! :)

Do visit Gaston Luga official website at to view the collections.

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