Sunday, November 26, 2017

Japan Day X - Black Hair Salon x Yourwifi Travel WIFI rental

Following my previous post on KKday, i had 2 other sponsors for my trip to Japan. Due to my line of work (which does not permit coloured hair), it’s been quite awhile since i done something fanciful to my hair. The last time was like 4 or 5 years ago for my Korea trip? I really wanted to change my hair colour (even if it’s just for 2 weeks!) because i know i’m gonna take a lots of chio photos in Japan so i collaborated with Black Hair Salon, and turned my hair to the colour that i’ve always dreamt of - Ash Grey

I was told the whole process will take about 5 hours to mentally prep myself, LOL Cannot imagine how long it would take for girls with long hair. Charged my power bank prior, loaded a couple of Netflix shows in my phone and headed to their outlet at Bencoolen Street (relocating to Capitol Piazza really soon!) and i was so ready for the transformation. Had the honour of having Black Hair Salon’s Co-founder/ Director - Anthony, to do my hair. With that said, i was assured that my hair is in good hands as i had to catch my flight just a few hours after leaving the salon.  
Instead of bleaching the whole head, i wanted to leave the sides and back black so i translated to Anthony what i wanted and we started with the hair cut, followed by 5 rounds of bleaching. The whole process was very smooth, and i felt no pain from the bleaching at all (despite all the horror stories i heard) My hair went from black, to orange, to yellow, to ash blonde (which i secretly quite like) and finally dyed it to grey. One last hair wash and my hair was wrapped in the towel before going back to my seat. I was SO EXCITED to see the final result (wore contact lens that day so i could see the whole process, LOL) On the surface i was like calm and composed but on the inside, i was almost exploding. The moment they took off the towel, i can’t help but grin from ear to ear. It was exactly how i imagined it to be. Sound like I’m exaggerating as if i did some life changing surgery but you get the idea la. HAHAHA  
Bleached coloured hair is not easiest to maintain as everyone know - special purple shampoo should be used to maintain the colour, conditioner as the hair will be dry blah blah blah and as you can see from my instagrm photos, my ash grey hair was fading to blonde as the days goes by in Japan BUT i’m not complaining. Just look at how the hair colour made such a difference to my photos below!  
If any of you guys are looking for a hair transformation, do checkout Black Hair Salon as they specialise in creative colouring, chemical treatment and more. Just take a look at their instagram - @Blackhairsalon to see the awesome creative colours they did for their clients and influencers! For more info, checkout their website at 

Once again, thank you Black Hair Salon for the collaboration! :) 

When it comes to traveling to a foreign country, it’s really important to have 4G connectivity and/or Wifi so you can use apps like WhatsApp to contact people, Google Map to navigate around etc. One way is to get a local sim card and the other way which is getting popular amongst the millennials, is to rent a portable WIFI router. Each way have their set of pros and cons but let me share more on the portable WIFI router since i used one for my Japan trip.  
Yourwifi kindly extended sponsorship for my 2 weeks Japan trip and i collected the device from their office located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street prior to the trip. I was offered the Japan Unlimited 4G data router with download speed up to 75Mbps. The device came in a pouch with a charger and cable. 

There are several advantages when it comes to using a portable WIFI router for travel:  
I need not worry about not having enough data throughout my 2 weeks in Japan, and there were basically coverage everywhere i went. From Tokyo to Mt. Fuji, Kyoto and eventually Osaka. Also not to worry about battery life as well, the device i was assigned to could last 20 hours. Up to 5 devices can be connected at the same time which also meant that you can save money but just renting 1 device compared to getting 5 sim cards.  
All i had to do upon landing in Japan was to turn the device on, log on to the WIFI hot spot with the password (just once) and my phone was auto connected every time i turned on the device. Easy peasy! My phone was basically connected throughout the entire day and i could access the net anytime i want. 

If you are thinking what about making calls, i’m quite sure there is a workaround by using line call or WhatsApp call using data *wink*  
Renting a portable wifi from Yourwifi is really easy. All you have to do is place an order online via their website - and input your departure date, arrival date and destination (they will calculate the total price for you) Upon confirmation and payment, you can collect the device 1 day in advance (or arrange courier with additional charges) and leave for your destination! Upon arrival back, you have 1 business day to return the device. (Read their FAQ page HERE if you have any other questions)  
Yourwifi provides coverage for more than 70 countries and there will be no recurring bill (for unlimited data devices), just pay a flat rate upfront and you are good to go! I would highly recommend getting a portable WIFI for your travels so you don’t have to worry about not having reception or connectivity. The device is also pocket friendly, or you can just turn it on and leave it inside your bag for the whole day :) 

For more info on Yourwifi and rates, visit their website at and “like” their FB page for promotions! 

With that said, i have shared on global travel holiday expert - KKday, Creative Hair design - Black Hair Salon and portable travel WIFI - Yourwifi. It’s time to go through all my thousands over photos taken in Japan and start preparing for my intensive travelogue which I’m quite sure most of you will be quite interested in! Oh man, this blog is becoming more and more like a travel blog, LOL 

Till the next post,