Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bye 2017, Hello 2018!

A couple of years back, i stopped doing a post on new year resolution because i realised i never did follow through them or constantly keep it at the back of my head and remind myself. One good example would be to get a car licence when i did my goals and resolution in 2014 or 2015? Look what happened? Nothing. I still don't have my car licence till today, LOL Anyway i just wanted to try again for the year 2018 but before i do that, let me do a little recap of what happened in 2017 that I'm grateful as well as thankful for.
1. Traveling has and will always been part of my life and i'm glad i managed to get out of the country thrice this year. Of which, 2 destinations are the places that i've always wanted to go and it completes my "Asia" tour that mentioned on my blog earlier this year. I went to Taiwan and venture slightly out of Taipei in January, Conquered Mount Bromo (not as difficult as ijen honestly) and visited Jogyakarta in May, and finally celebrated my birthday during a 2 week trip to Japan.

2. Blogging and social media. As we grow older, priorities changed and i obviously now blog lesser and take lesser photos. It's like so difficult to take a proper selfie now, sighs. ηœŸηš„老了. At the same time, lesser and lesser read blogs (i still do! And it's harder to find people who can write well online already. Oh wells...) The new generation has taken over with their perfectly curated instagram feed filled with travels, #ootds, unicorn food, how to fight with them, lol! But i'm still thankful for the collaborations and sponsorship in 2017. Thank you to all clients for believing in me and my site and thank you guys for reading, be it loyal readers who visits just to see if there's an update or those who chanced upon this site while searching for something.

In the year 2018, i will try my very best to update this site more often, i'm aiming for 1 post a week. I don't know how possible it is but i will try. Maybe i start from February since i'm quite busy now. (OMG, PROCRASTINATION even before i begin!!!!) I will try and take more chio photos and update my instagram feed. Last but not least, start on my Japan travelogue and if possible, Jogya :|

3. Work. Got promoted this year at work, something that i should be happy about. I honestly never thought that i would stay in my current job till now. I still remember rejecting a bonus of 3 months last year because i wanted to give myself an option to leave as i have to be bonded for another year if i were to take it. I made the decision and told myself that if i were ever to stay another year for whatever reason, i just have to tell myself it was a decision made that that point and i just to have to live with it. Now i'm pretty comfortable where i am but that doesn't stop me from seeking opportunities in the year 2018. We shall see :)
4. Health. If you have been following me on my social media, you would have know that i joined Fitness First and unknowingly, it has been 2 years plus. Yes, it's expensive ($156/ month) especially for people like me who only attends classes and not use the weights and machines but at least i'm doing something. But for 2018, i would want to lose some weight, maintain on the things that i eat (lesser carbs, lesser snacks) and put in more effort at the gym. Hopefully by the end of the year, i can have a better looking body and not continue to grow sideways. HAHA

5. Passion. I can't say much about it here but i'm happy how far the little project which me and a few friends started on. It all started from an idea, brought to life without knowing how it will fare in the real world but i would say it's doing quite well! I will definitely share more about it one day when i can.
6. Family and friends. As we get older, we realised that we don't need a lot of friends, just the ones who matters and those who care. I've come to a point whereby i don't bother to make new friends, not saying i don't make any, but i tend to be rather selective. Not superficially but more on the impact they make on your life. I'm also glad that i get to meet up with my different group of friends every Christmas. Some of which i only meet once a year but we have so many things to catch up each time and the conversation have evolved over the years to more mature topics nowadays. These are the ones that you want to share your milestones with, and see them go through their milestones.

As for family, to be able to spend time with your loved ones is a bliss. I have to admit that i didn't spend much time with my family this year as i'm always out doing work or spending time with others. It's time i do something about it if not i will definitely regret in the future. Remember as you grow older, everyone else around you is growing too.

That pretty much sums up my 2017 and what i would want for 2018! To more adventures and opportunities. For those reading this, may 2018 be an awesome year for you and your loved ones!