Thursday, April 30, 2009

ANdyStorm goes to Malaysia: Day 3

It's Day 3! I hate Corrupted police in Malaysia!!! *Repeats infinity times* They are the reasons why people have a bad impression of M'sia police! I hate them!

If I have weather controlling abilities, I would either 1) Strike all of them with lightning, or 2) Sweep them all away with a typhoon. Die Die Die!

Opps, you must be wondering what's with the angst. I shall explain later, must go with the flow... It's Day 3, and we planned to go KL from Malacca!

The result of Day 2 Afamosa trip. Just look at our faces :/ I purposely blurred the photo, if you were to see the un-blurred photo, you will look at how unglam we look! (As if the above photo is not unglam enough!)

Had our breakfast at the usual place since we can't think of anywhere to go, Which is Macdonalds. AGAIN. But this time, I had Something that is not available in SG!

Ayam bubor! Which means Chicken Porridge in Malayu!

Here's a nicer group photo for Day 3!

After having breakfast, we called Guna. Can you remember who Guna is? The friendly taxi driver! We called him to fetch us to Malacca Sentral to take a coach to KL and this is when the Police story comes in. *Angry*

P.s: I photoshop de leh! Cute right?

Oh ya, halfway through the journey, we were stopped by a road block. Seeing that we are tourist, they ask Guna to park the taxi at one side. Then they took our ICs, and start asking a lot of questions.

Like if we are student, where we study, where we live (as if they really know where it is!) BUT the main objective is MONEY. The reason is because our passport is not with us, we left it at the hotel locker, just in case we lost it. And they refused to accept our reason AND even threatened to lock us up! IDIOTS. But after 20 mins, they let us off saying "Leave! We don't want to see you again!"

If I can control the weather, i would *refer to top of post* Then we went to Malacca Sentral and bought the coach tickets. Still feeling pissed off.

Tickets cost only RM12.20 per person!

The whole journey took more than 2 hours! Which is so freakin' long. It's like going back to Singapore from Malacca! and there is nothing to do on the bus...

*fast forwards 2 hours later*

Finally in Kuala Lumpur! Once we saw the twin towers, we knew were in KL, but there is quite a long way to go... and worse of all. THE BUS DID NOT STOP AT TIMES SQUARE. It stopped at some ulu place called Puduraya. So the first thing we did is to go find an open space, and lookout for the times square building, only to find it...

A few hundred miles away <-- I don't really know how far is that :/

It's like so farrrr away! Impossible to walk over, so the next time we did, is to ask for directions. So after some communication problems (most M'sian speak Malay!), we found out the only way is to take a train from Plaza Rakyat to Hang Tuah then change monorail to Imbi. Totally alien.

Their ticket machine. Which cheated my $$! I put in the correct amount of money, and presto! Nothing comes out. Stupid machine. No more coins, so had to buy chewing gum to get loose change... *curse and swear under my breath*

Finally 3 tickets and we are on our way. Bravely.

Choo Choo! Here comes the "Cha-pa-lang" train!

Soon, we were at Times Square! It was 12 noon, and according to schedule, we have 5.5 hours to get whatever we want! There is like so many many shops in the whole mall! There is also a lot of fake goods! LV, Gucci, Burberry blah blah blah.

Did you know? There is a indoor theme park in Times square!

At 5.30pm, it was time to leave times square and began our journey back to Puduraya. So the same thing, we took the train back, then another 2 hours + of coach. And we were back in Malacca (:

We dapao-ed Malaysia famous donuts - Dunkin' Donuts back!

Seriously Over rated.

We were feeling super tired and was too lazy to leave our hotel for dinner. (Not forgetting Super hungry) So we called for Pizza hut delivery!

One pizza each! and mine is Hawaiian!

Happy us with our pizzas! It's only SG 5 bucks each!

After that we bath, watched TV and soon, we were all tired and decided to sleep... Next day would be the actual tour of Malacca! Stay tuned.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ANdyStorm goes to Malaysia: Day 2

It's like Day 2 of the Malacca trip! *Did I hear some cheers?* From the banner above, you can somehow agar agar what Day 2 is all about right?

Here is a group photo to kick start the day! We have already decide the night before that we will wake up at 9am! Because Day 2 is gonna be a long long day! (Anyway, we were not according to schedule AGAIN.) Oh wells.

Like any other morning, We need to have breakfast so that we will feel energized. (Note: At least 3 in the group photo seldom have breakfast. Get what I mean?) We walked all the way to the other end of Dataran Palawan to have breakfast! Guess what did we had? Hint: Fast food... Starts with the letter M...

Macdonalds! So typical. Even in Singapore.

Without further ado, we shall order our food! There is like so many people queuing up for Mac also... So what shall we eat... The menu is kinda the same as Singapore.

I ordered an Egg Macmuffin Meal, with ice milo (: The rest ordered other sets like Big breakfast etc. It cost like RM9 per meal, which is about 3.75 Sing dollars! Good news: It's cheaper than Singapore! Bad news: There is a difference in taste. Still think the ones in Singapore is nicer :D At least Singapore got standard :|

After having breakfast, we are ready to embark on our journey to Afamosa! And in order to get there, we hailed a cab, something we didn't expect is that... THE WHOLE JOURNEY TOOK 1 FREAKIN' hour! *faints*

I simply hate taking taxi because I have Motion Sickness! ( Ha!Now you all know one more thing about me :D) Normally I will feel like vomiting after awhile on the taxi, but nothing seemed to happen to me throughout the one hour. So glad. The whole taxi ride costs RM60, which is about 25 bucks (:

Didn't expect Afamosa to be Sooooo far away. The whole journey is like taking a cab (or should i say MRT...) from Pasir Ris to Woodlands, then from Woodlands back to Pasir Ris (and maybe back to woodlands again!)

What I like about M'sia taxis is that there is no Meter! You get to bargain the cab fare till both you and the driver is satisfied with the amount. Why can't Singapore be like this? "Uncle, 15 bucks, Pasir Ris to woodlands, set ar? Har? Okay lah, $14.50"

FINALLY after one whole hour.I repeat, ONE WHOLE HOUR. We reached our destination. Some info about Afamosa *Google-ing* "A'Famosa offers an international championship 27-hole golf course, the highly-acclaimed Animal World Safari,Water World Theme Park, Resort Hotel, Villas blah blah blah..."

3 parks: Animal World, Water World and Cowboy town!

Some photos while queuing (:

Tickets cost RM73 for each person for entry to Animal World and Water World. 30 Sing dollars, which is quite reasonable, and each entry tickets come with a set lunch, will talk more about the lunch later (:

We were given a wrist tag as shown in the above photo, and all we have to do is scan the tag for entry. *So high tech*We decided to go for Animal World first (: Anyway, who in the right mind would go Water world then Animal world -___-'''

Before we enter the animal world, we get to take photos with tiger cubs (: Super cute, but when they grow up not cute le, so fierce. The condition for keeping the photo? RM15 (Which we did not buy) It's like 4 person then need to buy 4 :(

First stop in Animal World was a ride on this scary looking truck! It's like a cage, somehow I got an idea of how the ride is going to be like. Must be like those Africa de, whereby the animals get to roam around freely... Most likely shd be like that...

Posing for photos before entering the "cage" (:

Wahaha, I was right! (All thanks to discovery channel!) Basically we sit in this "Cage truck" and we toured the whole zoo (: The lions/ tigers/ deers/ whatever animal are not really confine to their enclosure, they get to roam around freely in their area hence the "cage", just in case the tigers decided to have us for dinner :|

Took a lot of photos but lazy to edit and upload, bet you all aren't really interested in the animals right... The experience on the truck was so cool! You can never experience that in Singapore lor...

In singapore, Go nearer and you will get eaten by white tigers.

Now on foot, also quite a no. of animals to see but here's a few highlights (:

Chicken farm! I didn't know there are so many different types of chicken! (KFC chicken all looks the same...) and most of them are ugly *Roll eyes* and Weird looking *Roll eyes till whites*, the only cute thing in the whole farm are these:

Aww... Aren't they cute? Why must they grow up and look so ugly, poor things. Anyway, Fact of the day/post: Chicken is one of the things we eat before they are born, and after they are dead. Make sense? Poor things, actually I don't really care.

There are also horses/ponies with Bangs! Super cute.

Elephant riding! First time in our lives! It was quite scary also. It cost RM6 per person to ride on the elephant, then we sit on the "doesn't look safe" chair and off we go for a round! Even go into the water as seen in the photo below (:

The official photo taken with their camera. It cost RM15! BUT we did not pay for it. Clever and fast-acting me took a snapshot of the printed version with my camera when the person turned away. With photoshop, anything is possible (:

Lunch was a packet of Chicken Rice and a can of 100 plus.

After lunch, we went for the highly anticipated Cowboy show! Before the show, I somehow have an idea of how the cowboy show will be like those in Australia whereby there will be those bomb/fire effects and such...

As expected, live actions and even better! Real horses was involved!

The show was really nice and exciting although the sound wasn't very good, can't really make out what the actors are saying, Too bad :(

Next stop: Monkey island.

Since all the monkeys are situated in an island, we have to take a short boat ride over to the island! Posing with the life vest (: Anyway, all the monkeys there are ugly and irritating, if not for the boat ride, I might consider not going to visit them lor. Hope they stay there forever. Cannot imagine if they escapes. Eeyer.

After a whole long afternoon, we decided to leave Animal World. Wait! Not to go all the way back to Malacca but to have fun at Water World! There is like only a few photos from Water World because simply my camera is not water proof. Even if it is, I will definitely spoil it with all that high action water rides! Comfirm.

Here's a Kiddy cartoon map of water world (:

There is like a man-made beach there for sun-tanning, a 'Lazy pool', a big big wave pool with a stage at the front, Water slides and many more! Super fun!

One last photo before we hit the waters!

Something to tell you! The rides are really scary! Some is like the last ride of your life! I'm not exaggerating! There is this tube ride, when you enter it, everything just turns dark. You don't even know the direction it is going to turn, until u see some light, meaning you are reaching the end. So damn scary :( *Shivers down spine*

Alright, that's all for Water World. Lastly would be...

Cowboy town. Not to be confused with the one in Animal World. Anyway, we did not go to cowboy town because, it was kinda late and we would have to pay the entrance fee cos it's not included in the previous package. Boo boo.

So to get back to Malacca, we called Guna. (The friendly taxi driver who fetched us from Malacca to Afamosa) We waited for the taxi for like 45 mins! And guess what we did for that 45 mins of waiting? Feed the mosquitoes. You cannot imagine how glad we was when we saw the cab!

Another 1 WHOLE hour of journey back to Malacca, we were super hungry. So we decided to brave the night and have dinner at Dataran Palawan. (The shopping mall opposite our hotel, i bet you all forgot what is Dataran Palawan lor!)

We had Japanese for Dinner (:

I love Japanese food! We were like SUPER duper ultra hungry can! Ordered a main course each and ate sushi(s). Total bill was average RM20 per person, quite reasonable too. And we were super full after the meal!

Went back to the hotel with a cup of fruits and a slice of cake from Secret recipe each (: Lucky we never get rob.

Still paranoid about those robbers and thieves coming out at night.

That's all for Day 2! Then next day we are going...

[ To be continued. ]

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle - I dreamed a dream.

Sorry to break the flow of the M'sia travelogue, but I really got to share this amazing video of Susan Boyle with you all. It's such an inspiration.

In this video, Susan Boyle got boo-ed by the audience just because of her dress sense, and age. Plus her sense of humor, no one thinks she can become Britain's Next top talent, but guess what?! SHE PROVED EVERYONE WRONG.

After watching the video, if you have no feeling, then there might be something wrong with you, *wink to cuter twin*

Rinn said she cried when Susan boyle started singing. I almost.

Embed-ing is disabled for the video, so everyone, you can click HERE to watched the video! 33 millions people worldwide has watched it, so must you! (I contributed about 10+ hits?) plus I secretly downloaded it into my ipod :/ Shhhh...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

ANdyStorm goes to Malaysia: Day 1

( Finally finished Editing the Day 1 photos! )

Continuing from the prelude: The following day, we woke up at 6am, spamming each other with phone calls to make sure everyone is up, and getting ready for that we won't be late! (but somehow, we were still behind schedule :/)

Headed to Golden Mile complex, which is the starting point of our journey!

Registered ourselves, and the above is the coach that is going to bring us all the way to Malacca! *excited* Did I mentioned who are the main leads in this trip?

Hui xin, Rinn, Me and Ryan!

We were like super excited for this trip, and the day has finally come! It was exactly 8.18am (according to my faithful notebook) when we were on the bus waiting to move off (: At 10.07am, We were at Malaysia! (almost entering Malaysia)

Everyone is heading to Malaysia! and most of the people are heading to malacca, I bet they are the little nyonya fanatics lor! So meanwhile, while waiting for our turn to have our passport stamped, Camwhore!

Super excited us! I bought a new camera specially for this trip because my Samsung died on me just days before the trip! What luck! Then the new camera comes with only a 512MB memory card, WHERE GOT ENOUGH?! So as mentioned in the prelude, I braved the crowd at the IT show to get another one (: A 4GB one!

I cannot use my passport after my malacca trip :( They wrote "CHANGE PHOTO" below the stamp! Just because the photo doesn't look like me. Haix, I need to like change my NRIC, My Ez-link and my Passport just because the photo doesn't really look like me :S Well, I do think I changed a lot.

At 11.20am, it was our first stop for some food and toilet break, SERIOUSLY, i hate the toilet there. *traumatized* It was also our chance to start spending the RMs! Exchange rate at that period of time was SGD 1 = RM2.395! I love the exchange rate! The things are like so much cheaper! * ~ Spend like a king*

Here's another group shot of us trying to fit into the screen!
(After several attempts!)

This is our 5th member of this journey! Domokun! Managed to smuggled him up the bus (: Once in awhile, he will appear in the photos throughout the 5 days (:

Finally at... Shit, i didn't record down the time! Nvm, somewhere in the afternoon, we reached Malacca! But Malacca is like as BIG as singapore, although we entered malacca, it takes another hour to reach our hotel! Not to mention the traffic lights THAT TAKES FOREVER to turn GREEN! 99 Seconds! *faints*

We reached our hotel finally! Fenix Inn, I would say it's a perfect choice for tourists who wants the "chalet feel" at an affordable price! It's just a stone throw away from the biggest mall in Malacca! I'm not bluffing, if you get a really nice and heavy stone, and throw it upwards towards the hotel, I really think the stone can reach it!

Check-in time is at 3pm on the day when we reached but 2pm when we left! Not fair lor! Since on the day we arrived was 3pm, we had to wait for the room to be ready, so we decided to have a taste of Malacca food!

We chose the restaurant beside our hotel. Restoran Banya which claims to serve Authentic Peranakan Cuisine. We ordered a few dishes and 4 rice to share (:

There is like chicken, Squid, Veggie and Egg (:

After the fulfilling meal (the meal cost like RM47, which means... 5 bucks per person!), it was 3pm, and it means Check in! Fenix inn is a 3 star hotel, so we weren't expecting much but we were surprised that it was really good!

The room assigned to us was A03. Well, the first thing we did was to dump everything down after lugging them for the whole morning and we are off to explore our room! (as if there is a lot to explore :/ ) There is like 2 single size bed, table, TV, attached toilet etc. Typical chalet.

First thing we unloaded was the junk food! If you think mine and Ryan's is a lot, wait till you see the girls! We assign on of our drawers to be the "Fridge of the trip"

Guess who is my room mate? Kinda obvious. Who else can it be... Ryan (:

Now it's the girls room turn!

I seriously think they brought their whole makeup table from home!

Their junk food drawer. Filled to the brim.

Of course! Another group photo to commemorate our first step into our room!

After about an hour of unpacking and exploring the room, it was time to checkout the nearby shopping mall! Dataran palawan, Malacca's biggest Mall!

This mall is Soooo big that we only found out a certain area on the last day! The first shop that caught our attention is FOS a.k.a Factory outlet store!

The perfect place for shopping kings and queens.

Factory outlet store is available in singapore too, and they houses famous brands like GAP, old navy, river island etc at an affordable price! Even cheaper than the main store! So it was like buy buy buy for me!!!

After spending like hours, trying tees after tees,

Our "harvest"

We also went to Daiso! Instead of everything 2 bucks like in singapore, it's RM5 in Malaysia, which after conversion, it's around the same price. Daiso has almost everything you need! And the things are like so freakin' cheap!

After all the shopping, we decided to take a rest outside the huge grass patch outside the mall. Once in awhile, we will still think it's unbelievable that the 4 of us are in Malacca. Away from stress, technology and everything.

Domokun makes its apperance again!

It was already evening while we were slacking outside. And we were kinda hungry, so we explored around and settled on Station Kopitiam (:

I somehow remembered that I've tried the food before in KL...

So we ordered like a main dish each. The food is so-so only :(

At 7.30pm, we headed back at our hotel! I know it's kinda early, but we got this thinking that once the sky is dark, the robbers/thief will come out of their dens and start robbing people :/ So to play safe (plus we were quite tired), we headed back to our hotel with a cup of fruits each (:

Back at the hotel, bath, try out the clothes that we bought, did abit of "financial report", and like any chalet, someone would bring cards...

and we will play till we feel like sleeping.

~ To be continued - Day 2: Afamosa, Here we come!