Thursday, April 30, 2009

ANdyStorm goes to Malaysia: Day 3

It's Day 3! I hate Corrupted police in Malaysia!!! *Repeats infinity times* They are the reasons why people have a bad impression of M'sia police! I hate them!

If I have weather controlling abilities, I would either 1) Strike all of them with lightning, or 2) Sweep them all away with a typhoon. Die Die Die!

Opps, you must be wondering what's with the angst. I shall explain later, must go with the flow... It's Day 3, and we planned to go KL from Malacca!

The result of Day 2 Afamosa trip. Just look at our faces :/ I purposely blurred the photo, if you were to see the un-blurred photo, you will look at how unglam we look! (As if the above photo is not unglam enough!)

Had our breakfast at the usual place since we can't think of anywhere to go, Which is Macdonalds. AGAIN. But this time, I had Something that is not available in SG!

Ayam bubor! Which means Chicken Porridge in Malayu!

Here's a nicer group photo for Day 3!

After having breakfast, we called Guna. Can you remember who Guna is? The friendly taxi driver! We called him to fetch us to Malacca Sentral to take a coach to KL and this is when the Police story comes in. *Angry*

P.s: I photoshop de leh! Cute right?

Oh ya, halfway through the journey, we were stopped by a road block. Seeing that we are tourist, they ask Guna to park the taxi at one side. Then they took our ICs, and start asking a lot of questions.

Like if we are student, where we study, where we live (as if they really know where it is!) BUT the main objective is MONEY. The reason is because our passport is not with us, we left it at the hotel locker, just in case we lost it. And they refused to accept our reason AND even threatened to lock us up! IDIOTS. But after 20 mins, they let us off saying "Leave! We don't want to see you again!"

If I can control the weather, i would *refer to top of post* Then we went to Malacca Sentral and bought the coach tickets. Still feeling pissed off.

Tickets cost only RM12.20 per person!

The whole journey took more than 2 hours! Which is so freakin' long. It's like going back to Singapore from Malacca! and there is nothing to do on the bus...

*fast forwards 2 hours later*

Finally in Kuala Lumpur! Once we saw the twin towers, we knew were in KL, but there is quite a long way to go... and worse of all. THE BUS DID NOT STOP AT TIMES SQUARE. It stopped at some ulu place called Puduraya. So the first thing we did is to go find an open space, and lookout for the times square building, only to find it...

A few hundred miles away <-- I don't really know how far is that :/

It's like so farrrr away! Impossible to walk over, so the next time we did, is to ask for directions. So after some communication problems (most M'sian speak Malay!), we found out the only way is to take a train from Plaza Rakyat to Hang Tuah then change monorail to Imbi. Totally alien.

Their ticket machine. Which cheated my $$! I put in the correct amount of money, and presto! Nothing comes out. Stupid machine. No more coins, so had to buy chewing gum to get loose change... *curse and swear under my breath*

Finally 3 tickets and we are on our way. Bravely.

Choo Choo! Here comes the "Cha-pa-lang" train!

Soon, we were at Times Square! It was 12 noon, and according to schedule, we have 5.5 hours to get whatever we want! There is like so many many shops in the whole mall! There is also a lot of fake goods! LV, Gucci, Burberry blah blah blah.

Did you know? There is a indoor theme park in Times square!

At 5.30pm, it was time to leave times square and began our journey back to Puduraya. So the same thing, we took the train back, then another 2 hours + of coach. And we were back in Malacca (:

We dapao-ed Malaysia famous donuts - Dunkin' Donuts back!

Seriously Over rated.

We were feeling super tired and was too lazy to leave our hotel for dinner. (Not forgetting Super hungry) So we called for Pizza hut delivery!

One pizza each! and mine is Hawaiian!

Happy us with our pizzas! It's only SG 5 bucks each!

After that we bath, watched TV and soon, we were all tired and decided to sleep... Next day would be the actual tour of Malacca! Stay tuned.