Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nuffnang Flash Mob event!

Update: Singapore's First Bloggers Flash Mob was quite a success but it's a bit of a chaos, but nevertheless, it's was great! For the next few days, bloggers will be writing about the event, Wait for the official videos and photos to be out!

Jayden will be doing the editing of the video, so you all can expect a great video coming up! By the way, Pumpkin is super small. Didn't expect it.

Meanwhile, those who attended today's event, there will be a PJ party at Arena next friday! See ya all there (:

P.s: I won 2nd for my fashion post! 300 bucks! Shall aim for the Macbook now!

Later at 5pm would be the Singapore's First Bloggers Flash Mob at Orchard! I wonder how it will be like! Will you be there? See ya later :D

This is like a super random post =____=

Nah, I will delete it soon. Don't comment.