Tuesday, March 16, 2010

新加坡e乐大赏 2010!

大家好,我今天要用华语来 blog! 哈哈哈

Ok, forget it. I don't know what else to type in Chinese. Last Saturday, i was invited to 新加坡e乐大赏 2010 a.k.a Singapore entertainment awards 2010! Thanks to OMY!

It's has been long time since i attended a actual concert. I think the very last one was Avril Lavigne's a few years back! So when i saw the email from OMY, i rsvp-ed!

Ta-dah! 2 Complimentary tickets for me and don :D

No food and drinks allowed at the event. They look through our bags and made me throw away my mineral bottle lor! Obviously want us to buy things from inside -__-

Event officially starts at 7pm, but like any other concerts, there will be opening performances to entertain you while waiting. Starting was quite boring though...

Until about 7pm, a dance group came out for the grand opening! :D

Time for the concert to start! Artistes started coming in from the Red carpet! Stars like 小鬼, Yoga 林宥嘉, By2 etc! Loudest cheer was obviously for SHINee! Everyone went crazy when they arrived! My camera focus on the stupid girl instead -__-

By2! First time listening to them, i think they can sing. I my camera! I can zoom all the way to the stage and the photos are still clear! You shall see later :D

Chen wei lian with his touching vocals :D

Unexpected surprise. JJ 林俊杰 was there too!

One of the awards presented went to his fan club, and the members get to perform with him on stage! Honestly without fans, a celebrity is nothing. Right right right?

WAITED 4 HOURS and finally it's SHINee's turn to perform!!!! I heard SHINee is the reason why alot of people bought tickets for this concert! I think they purposely make SHINee perform last to make everyone anxious lor! Once they appear, everyone (mostly girls) started screaming, and started taking out their cameras! :D

Zoom zoom zoom all the way to the stage! :D

Honestly, i wasn't a fan of them, and i don't even know how they look like. BUT after they performed "Replay", "Jojo" and "Ring ding dong", I can't help cheering with the others. It felt like the 4 hours wait was totally worth it! ENCORE! :D

Eason 陈奕迅 came out to perform too! After which, the concert came to an end.

By the way, there were other celebrities like Ah Du, 臭屁将, Tanya chua, Liu ling ling and many more that performed at the concert too! It's just that i never put their photos and talk about them here! The concert ended at around 11+ :D

As everyone was leaving, SHINee fans gathered at the carpark hoping for a glimpse of them. Being curious, i decided to join in and wait BUT not only we got chased away by the security guards without seeing SHINee, i missed my last train. FML

Random: Even though the concert was exciting, this "red glow" was even more exciting! Everytime there is this sudden glow in the sky, everyone will turn their head and wonder what causes it! If you are wondering too, checkout this LINK!

That's all! :D