Saturday, March 13, 2010

For people who love a challenge - PSB academy


Recently i was invited to experience how classes are conducted in PSB Academy!

But before i go on sharing with you guys my experience, let me just give you a little background of PSB Academy:

PSB Academy is one of the largest independent education and training institutions in Singapore, and it has international ties with prestigious universities from the UK and Australia. Supported by over 300 lecturers and around 200 staff, they teach around 50,000 students each year.

One of PSB Academy's partner universities is The University of Newcastle, Australia (UoN) and they offer quite a range of full-time and part time Bachelor and Masters degrees in Singapore. As my interest was more to business and tourism, i chose to attend the Bachelor of Business tutorial class! The degree is available with double majors in Marketing and Tourism or Marketing and Management :D

Honestly, i would consider taking up the full-time Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Tourism) after NS. This degree equips you with the relevant knowledge and expertise to excel in today's booming tourism and hospitality industry. It's also one of the most popular degrees offered by the University of Newcastle, Australia :D

Can totally imagine working in the IR in the future after i graduate! MUAHAHA

My experience in class! I got to say i enjoyed every moment of it (although i only stayed for 30 mins) In fact, i was taking down whatever is written on the board!

Of course, my notes are a "simplified" version of what's on the board. I don't know i copy for what but the marketing concept was taught in a rather interesting way :D

And if you think PSB Academy is just a place where you come, study and go after lessons, you are so wrong. It has various facilities libraries, gyms, basketball court and many more! Not only that, students activities are also organised! Examples would be PSB idol or even exchange program to Australia! How cool is that! :D

Last but not least, If you just graduated like me, PLUS have a interest in business and marketing, tourism or management AND would like to pursue a degree, i would encourage you to sign up for their Bachelor of Business.
Find out more info about the various courses PSB academy has to offer @! And if you are interested to checkout their preview session, find out more at this LINK (clickable)! :D