Friday, March 19, 2010

Singtel Youth Strikeback!


Sometimes I’m very thankful that I’m still a student. It's like we are getting benefits everywhere we go! When we go into Mac, Burger king or KFC, we have student meals, when we watch movies, we get student price. Same for Mobile plans!

Everyone should know what the Youth plan is all about right? Do i even need to explain more? Other than the FREE unlimited sms, FREE data bundle, FREE camp calls, FREE campus calls, FREE incoming calls, Just wanna tell you guys that Youth benefits is now available on 3G Flexi & iFlexi plans with 12 Gb of local Data usage!
Let me tell you more about the 3G Flexi and iFlexi plans!
#1: 12 GB local Data usage (Applicable for 3G Flexi & iFlexi youth plans)

Before i go on, let me just show you my bill before i got my data plan:

No, You did not see wrongly. It's really $98.89 just for data usage.
Now with a bundle of 12 Gb local data usage, you can surf to your hearts content. From my personal experience, 1 Gb is more than enough. With 12 Gb, i think you can watch YouTube, MSN, Facebook, twitter everyday on your phone! Woots!
Afraid that you might exceed the 12Gb, don't worry! There's a $30 cap for unlimited data usage! If you are using a Smart phone like me, you should go for the 3G Flexi plan. HOWEVER if you are a iPhone user, you should go for the iFlexi plans :D

#2: AMPed!
(Applicable for 3G Flexi & iFlexi youth plans)
If i feel bored on the train, I can browse through the AMPed music store and download songs from the AMPed music store for FREE with no data charge!

Mobile TV on the go! (Applicable for iFlexi youth plans only!)
Instead of rushing home to watch my fav Channel 8 dramas, I will be able watch it from my phone! Other channels include CNA, Bloomberg and Football Frenzy :D

To summarise this iFlexi plans with Youth benefits, here's the table:
If you are thinking of signing up or upgrading your student plan, why not consider 3G Flexi iFlexi plans? Whether you are a heavy data usage user or not, there's definitely a plan catered for you! Psst, if you are just looking for a basic voice plan, there are basic iPlans available too! :D
For more details, please check out any SingTel shop or