Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LG Korea travelogue: Day 4!

Ok, this is finally the last post for the LG Korea travelogue! Can't believe i took more than a month and wrote like a million posts just to summarize this 4 days in Korea -__- Last day in Korea, Here's my typical breakfast:

Everyone was damn tired after all the shopping the night before, and overslept. So in the end, i went up ALONE to have breakfast. It was really really nice what!

Shawn woke up late, but luckily the hotel set aside some food for people who woke up late but still wants breakfast. I smuggled 2 Yakurt and a Peach Yogurt out =/

Left a few hours before checking out of the hotel, Shawn and I decided to go out to the streets for some last minute shopping! I saw a sweet machine and wanted to see how it works so i inserted 1000 won without knowing how it works:

Ta dah! My prize. The grape sweet which i realised it's sold in Singapore too -__-

At noon, Shawn and I thought we were late for the checkout so we rushed all the way back to the hotel to pack only to realised we were 1 hour early. Serious FOL

Random shot taken in the toilet :D

Finally it was time for us to really check out. The award for the most thing to bring back to Singapore goes to... Beatrice! She had to buy an extra bag to fit her things.

One last photo at the hotel before leaving.

Last day was on our own so we have to settle our ride to the Airport by ourselves, so we took the "limo" which turns out to be a bus all the way to the airport...

Missed the first bus so we had to wait for the next one, meanwhile camwhore!

Finally reached the airport after a long long ride. almost missed the plane!

Ticket back to Singapore, 3.25pm on Korean Airlines.

As we arrived late, We had to rush to the counter to collect our tickets and board the plane straightaway so we did not managed to shop at the airport. Saded :(

After boarding, we were told to get off the plane because someone was found sick, thus we were quarantined for awhile before allowed to board again. What luck.

No point keeping Korean wons in my wallet and bring back to Singapore, so i last minute-ly decide to buy a few Dunkin' Donut to finish up the rest of the money :D

Group shot on the plane. Everyone looking very chui =/

Meals served on board was all beef dished. No choice, chose the beef rice lor. Not nice one, after eating that, i told myself i won't eat beef again in Singapore! :(

Snack was also served. No idea what is this, something like pizza.

At least something edible! Ice cream! Kiasu me asked for another one :D

That's all! Arrived in Singapore at around 9+, once we stepped out of the plane, we can almost feel the difference in Weather. Those Koreans on the plane with us was still wearing their winter wear -__- That's the end of the LG Korea Travelogue!
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