Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To change or not to change?

NOT. Obviously if i change my blogskin, you won't be seeing the same skin right? Yup, i did made a new blogskin but i decided to stick with the old one after much consideration. Honestly, i'm not bored of my current blogskin, but sometimes it's good to have a change. BUT change for the better, not for the worst. Agree?

I wanted to totally change my whole blog concept. From something dark (current) to something bright. In other words, invert the colours. From black to white :D

So from the current skin:

Easily inverted with photoshop to get the idea...

Ta-dah! Something like that. Obviously with alot of other changes.

What actually made me decide to do a new blogskin is because of I was browsing for new fonts and i came across this cool font:

Action Jackson. It has a very "doodle-ish" feel, something that i would sketch on my book in school days. So i want the concept of my new blogskin to be "Doodle" :D

First, i'll have to find a suitable background. After browsing google image, i finally settle on this. (Credits) Lighten-ed the colour so it won't be too overbearing.

After which, the header of each sidebar widget. So using the Action Jackson font that i downloaded, i began to use photoshop to create the header so the whole blog will look doodle-ish! The content is still the same as my current skin :D

Here comes the difficult and the most important part which determines the whole blogskin. The banner. Using the same font and a few graphics + animation, a new banner was born! I also decided to add 3 main header below the banner. Home, about and contact, if you put your mouse over any of them, it will be highlighted :D

Also, since my background is now white, I can make use of the blogger post widget to set the "options" which encourage readers to rate the post! (It's impossible to do it on a black background, oh wells.) So if you put everything together...

TA-DAH! (Psst, view the real thing @

So what do you think of the new blogskin? Which is better? Current or New? Honestly, i like my new blogskin but i feel that my current one suit me more.

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