Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LG Korea travelogue: Day 3!

It's Day 3! It marks the end of the whole LG workshop and time for everyone to head back to their country. Time to say good bye. BUT guess what's the pleasant surprise? Since we arrived one day later than the rest, LG decided to extend one more day for me, Shawn, Beatrice and Wayne! Woohoo!!! They are so generous

Another morning of buffet breakfast! Can never get sick of it! :D

Almost the same as what I ate for Day 2 breakfast. Super delicious! Sunny side up, pancake, scrambled egg, ham and cheese, Croissant & Orange juice + Yakurt!

While some of the bloggers head to the airport for their flight back home, the rest of us continued our tour! Next stop: Famous Gyeongbokgung Palace :D

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a historical palace known for it's architecture.

A great shot with the snowy mountain and the palace by Beatrice :D

Camwhoring with a DSLR is never easy. Btw, it's was freakin' cold that morning!

A performance showing how assembly was being held in the olden days.

Took a photo with one of the "Soldier" His expression cannot change one -__-

Anyhow-ly grabbed a little korean girl to take photo with me :D

Group photo right infront of the palace :D

After the palace tour, the bloggers requested to go to some IT mart (something like our Sim lim square) to checkout gadgets, i swear it was the most boring place in korea for me, every level we go, it's gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets *faints*

Had fast food lunch with the France bloggers! (because like me, they are not used to Korea food.) I feel that their fast food abit weird, all soft soft one, not like SG's.

Shawn, Beatrice and Wayne went to one of the Korean stall to try their famous Bibimbap aka korean mixed rice. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly before eating. Look quite appetizing from the photo hor? I wonder how it taste like.

After lunch, it was time for the rest of the bloggers to head to the airport, leaving only the Singaporeans... Above is me and Arnold aka Mr Gadget from Australia! We actually chatted on twitter before meeting in Korea! Really nice to meet him IRL :D

Day 3 is the day where the rest of the bloggers leave for their country, leaving the 4 of us in Korea! Generous LG booked a mini bus and got a tour guide to bring us around Seoul. We voted to go to Itaewon!

Itaewon is one of the most popular areas in Seoul for tourists, it's like a shopping district. It's the place where we spend most of our korean Wons away! Because we are looking at different stuff, we split our ways for a few hours to shop alone :D

Shawn and I decided to shop together. As the weather was freakin' cold that day, we decided to sit in Dunkin' Donut and grab a hot drink and maybe some donuts!

Trying to get the perfect angle to capture the perfect shot.

Ta dah! Everything in the picture. Hot chocolate and donuts

Although the things at Itaewon are considered cheap in Korea, when converted to Singapore dollars, it's about the same. Basically i bought like a few tees, wallet etc!

Decided to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse! (Sponsored by LG too! )

Heaved a sigh of relief - Finally have some "normal" food. Lol

After dinner, the tour guide send us back to our hotel. Took a group photo with them! From that moment onwards, we were on our own. Expenses on our own!

Of course, it's our LAST night in Korea! How can we just go back to the hotel and rest at like 9pm?! We put down our stuff in our room, and continued shopping at Myeongdong - Seoul’s main shopping districts! (it was just beside our hotel!) :D

Night life at Myeongdong.

At Myeongdong, they have everything you want and it's so crowded at night that I lost Shawn and Beatrice while shopping and since we have no form of contact, i decided to shop alone, and finished almost every single Korean won shopping!

Beatrice took a photo with a bunch of Jap girls! I think Beatrice is the prettiest among them lor. Spent 2 hours shopping alone, went back to the hotel at 11pm.

Since it was our last night in Korea, after shopping, Crazy shawn decided to jio me to try the hotel's hot bath at 12mn -__- Since we can't try the REAL korea hot spring, we shall have to make do with the FREE hot bath in the hotel. Crazy us :D

Ta dah! We had totally no idea what we are looking forward to.

Went several trip up and down to our rooms because we forgot to get something like towels etc. The first time we went in, we realised everyone was naked inside -__- So we spent the next 15 mins outside the hot bath deciding whether to go in...

In the end, we decided to go in with our underwear on. With 2 naked korean man.

Ehh, don't focus on me and shawn, focus on the degree readings behind us! Super hot 41 degrees! (Shawn took awhile to get into the hot water!) Instead of bathing, we were like swimming around, playing with the hot water. Super duper tiring.

At about 1.30am, it was time for us to go back to the room. Started most of the packing up as we are leaving the next day. Had a hard time packing. Especially trying to fit the LG photo frame into the luggage! Finally finished and slept at 3am.