Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Visit To Central Fire Station

Last November I was invited to Central Fire Station tour, finally it's time to blog about the trip! I got soooo many photos to share but i filter to just 16 nice photos to summarise this cool trip! Who think going to the fire station is gonna be boring?

Woke up early in the morning and took the train to Cityhall, bought breakfast at Mac before heading to the Central Fire Station at Coleman street! Didn't know going to a fire station could be that fun! Why last time no one bring me go!

First stop! Upon arriving at the station, LTA Foo Yiing Kai brought us to see firemen demo to us how they slide down the pole! Sliding down the pole is the fastest way for them to get down when in emergency. So scary to see them just jump off the ground and "hook" their legs onto the pole! But don't worry, they are trained!

Along the way, we get to see the different vehicles the SCDF use for transport. We were thinking, why not take this chance to take a photo with the Red Rhino!

Took a photo with the firemen too! That eevon in the center! :D

Finally get to see a Fire engine UP CLOSE. I think it's my first time. That's LTA Foo Yiing Kai introducing to us the various powerful equipments in the Fire engine!

Here's one of the equipment! It's something like the heat detector! I look super weird in the monitor! Like the "negative" effect! (This photo is super candid can!)

I got a chance to carry their oxygen tank! It's quite heavy but still bearable for me!

Here comes the fun part! Playing with water! Very fun! AHAHHAHAHA

"Okok, i understand. Can i try now pleeeasseeee"

Here's the serious part. We got to ask questions that we were always curious about, "What made you decide to be a fireman/paramedic?"

When we entered the fire station, the first thing that caught my attention was this huge crane truck in the middle of the parade square. It's actually to lift the fireman to rescue people from tall building! We get to experience the height! AHHHHHHHH

They brought us up to the highest point! (Can't remember how high though)

I got a phobia of height. Don't judge me.

Last stop was an introduction of what's in an ambulance! I have ride on an ambulance for countless of times! Not because i was involved in many accidents but because i was part of Saint John in secondary school so i get to experience it! :D

One last group shot was everyone! Yipeeee!
Conclusion: This trip was a really fun and enriching one, totally did not regret going for it! Do you know you guys can experience what i've experience too? Find out more about their open house at various fire stations HERE!

Lastly, if anyone of you is interested in pursuing a career in SCDF, do find out more about their recruitment @ Good luck! :D