Monday, March 22, 2010

Sentosa Resort World!

Woke up at 4am and went to the Airport to send mel off to Wuhan, slacked at the airport till about 9am before going home to sleep! After waking up, decide to randomly meet Jing long, Angel, Don and Ying zi to go Resort World walk walk! :D

As you can see from the photo, it's SUPER crowded at Vivo that day, no idea why. Maybe everyone rushing to the newly opened casino to lose money AHAHAHAHAHA

Weeee! Off to Sentosa!

We can use our Ez link to pay for entry, but we still opt to buy from the machine!

Too long never go into Sentosa le.

After getting off the station, i felt like i stepped into another country! (Not trying to exaggerate!) It feels abit like Genting but without the coldness. Universal Studios!

OMG! There it is! The famous Universal Studio "Ball"!

Ta-dah! Mission accomplished! Always wanted to take a photo like that :D

Nope, we did not go in. Universal Studios officially opens on 18th march! But there was a preview during CNY! 10 bucks just to go in see see, IF I KNOW, i confirm go queue for the tickets de lor :( Tickets are now $66 for weekday, $72 for weekends.

Beside Universal Studios is Hershey's chocolate world!

You can find all sorts of chocolates and sweets in there! Quite interesting.

We were trying to find where the casino is and we finally it's at the basement. See that long queue in the above photo? They are all Singaporeans waiting to pay the $100 levy just to get into the casino! I heard blackjack is $50 per round! O_O

After reading so many news on the casino, i'm interested to go in when i turn 21 this year! (Although the $100 levy is abit heart pain, but oh wells...) Experience!

There were also outdoor performance at night! :D

We went on to explore around further. It felt like Pandora (Avatar's world!) when we proceed to take the escalator to the shopping area. Damn amazing! The colours, the lights and the music makes you feel like you are in another world!

Alright, that's all for this post! If you guys got nothing to do, maybe you can gather a few friends, pay 3 bucks each and head over to see how RWS is like! Can't wait to enter Universal Studios, have to start saving money now, 66 bucks leh! :D