Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Angelababy - Before and After.

From the title you guys should be able to guess what this post is all about right? Yup, it's the before and after of Angelababy! Here's a short intro of her:
Quote from Angela Yang (楊穎) – nicknamed Angelababy – is one of the most popular Hong Kong model/celebrity star. This beautiful 20 yr old girl got her start in a modeling career at 14, and went full time in 2007.
All you need is to google "Angelababy" and you get tonnes of her chio photos, here's one of the many 234836249832473 photos you can find online of her:

Damn pretty right! Every time i see her photos, i will go like, "Wah... her eyes are so pretty...", "Her smile is so sweet~" blah blah blah. Heard she's rank 1st for Most Beautiful Asian or something like that, go google yourself if you are interested :D

All the while i thought she was a natural beauty. Until i read the U-weekly mag:

Can't believe my eyes so i went to ask my mum to translate the whole page for me. And Yes, it's confirm. She did plastic surgery. That's really her "before" photo. Can you believe it?! Lol. Somehow this incident reminds me of Plasticzilla Dawn Yang =/


Oh wells. I still prefer Angelababy over Dawn yang. End of story. Stay tuned for the next post, gonna show all my photo shoot photos that i kept for almost a year! :D