Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo shoot shoot shoot! (Part 1)

As mentioned during my previous post, i'm gonna show you guys my photoshoot photos! I have a folder on my desktop titled "Photoshoot" and i always wanted to blog about it but i keep forgetting! The folder has been there for almost a year! =/

Finally i'm blogging about them!!! I think there's gonna be a lot of photos so i'm gonna divide this nong nong photoshoot post into 2 posts! But before we start...
Disclaimer: I'M NOT A MODEL (Not trying to act one also.) Which part of me looks like one anyway, AHAHHAHA I'm just doing all these shoots for fun and for keepsake purposes. Who don't wish to own chio photos right? Not me.

Before you start criticizing about my photos/ looks, kindly look into the mirror before doing so. If you think you are better than me, then do share your "chio" photos with us by leaving your blog link/ FB link or whatever link lah :D
Alright, let's finally begin with the post! P.s: Not all the photos in this post are professionally taken! Some are taken using digital cam, some using phone cam but with a bit of photoshop magic *Poof* I'll let you know which are those edited :D

This photoshoot is done at Future Stage by Toba San. Trying to act one serious.

Never really get to see those end product photos (?!) but here are 2 shots taken with either my phone or camera (Can't remember which!) Bet if i never tell you guys, you guys will think it's taken by a pro photographer right! *flicks hair* :D

Sad to say it again, these 2 are also unprofessionally taken using digicam -__- This photoshoot is for Gadget3 Magazine for being their resident blogger. Miss the first shoot cos i was in Malacca, this is the 2nd one. Oi, Sabrina, send me the photos!!!

This is obviously taken professionally with a DSLR taken by Photographer, Mike Yip! (Still got watermark some more, scared people steal the photo!) Outdoor shoot at Changi Beach. I think it's my first time doing outdoor shoot. It's just for fun de :D

Same photoshoot at Changi Beach but with a different outfit. LOVE this photo ttm! This shot is taken against the sea and the setting sun. Don't you think it's damn nice? The pose, the expression, the lighting and everything! Taken by Henry Lee.

Here's another shot by taken by Mike. Which one do you prefer?

This photoshoot is the most recently one. It's for a online fashion magazine, Sauceink. Shot at the Singapore Expo. Did not get to see the final photos yet. The above is print screen from the magazine online =/ The car shot quite cool hor!!!!

Alright, that's all for this post! Stay tuned for Part 2! I will try to finish it asap :D