Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo shoot shoot shoot (Part 2)

I'm backkk! This is part 2 to the Photoshoot post (If you haven't read part 1 for whatever reason here's the LINK to it!) Alright, shall continue this part 2 of it! This outdoor photoshoot was held damn nong nong ago! I think almost a year ago!!!!

This shoot is more on fashion. Photographer is Kaizhi and venue was at Arab Street, Bugis. They have all the shop houses and alleys, best for taking those vintage photos! Did i hear someone say Shisha? Alright, here are my favourites!

Took a series of photos by the road with low shutter speed and i decided to put all the photos together in GIF and here's the wonderful end result! Damn nice ttm! :D

Super duper ultra mega nice right?
Shall end my 2 part photoshoot post here! Will post more of my photos when i get them! Hope you enjoy reading or should i say browsing the photos :D