Saturday, July 31, 2010

Customized Brownies! P.osh

Last week, i was thinking what to get for my BFF for her 21st birthday! Other than a present, i want to give her something special. I promised her 21 helium balloons but did not managed to get it, so i suddenly thought of getting her a customized brownie, so i went to P.osh at Dhoby Ghaut! :D

Supposed to get one only, in the end i bought 3!!!!!

At P.osh, you can order customized designs on your brownie, just tell them what's the message you want and they will design for you right on the spot! These are some of the examples on display!!!!

I ordered a total of 3 brownie cakes. One says "Happy Birthday", which for for Jiaqi since her birthday is the day before so i thought of getting one for her as well. Another is for my BFF Yah see which says, "Happy 21st Birthday", and lastly a small little one for my other BFF Nurul! Waited around 20 mins :D

Quite enjoyable to see them design the brownie! Writing the wordings with chocolates...

Decorating with M&Ms, putting them nicely one by one!

Carefully sprinkle colorful rice to make the whole thing look more attractive!

TA-DAH! This is the one for Jiaqi! Damn nice right! Looks too good to be eaten lor.

This is the one for BFF Yah see! Quite nice also! (Did not take photo of the other one)

The price of the brownie cake is quite reasonable, for the mini one (one small piece with wordings) cost $4, so if you want a bigger one for messages such as anniversary or Happy birthday message, it's around 4 to 6 pieces of brownie add together, so it's around $12 to $16 for quite a big one? It would be so much more fun if we get to design it ourselves like the icing room design cake one! :D

P.s: This is NOT an advertorial, just felt like sharing ;)