Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday breakfast at Delifrance!

Remember i recently blogged about having breakfast with Claire last Sunday? We had Cafe Cartel American breakfast the previous time! This time we decided to (try) have breakfast on EVERY Sunday, so this time, we decided to go for French Breakfast at Bistro Delifrance located at Tampines Mall! :D

Met Claire at around 9.30am, had to drag myself out of bed early in the morning. Zzz

The different breakfast sets on the menu looks tempting but guess what?


Basically it's just Buffet style, there's FREE flow of coffee, tea and orange juice...

FREE flow of delicious pastries...

Best of all, FREE flow of ham, sausages, scrambled egg and Baked beans!!!!

Created my own Ham and egg Croissant! SUPER YUMMILICIOUS! nom nom nom

Got to try different types of pastries, all very nice!

Having this buffet breakfast totally reminds me of the breakfast i had in Korea! *misses* Oh wells. Anyway Buffet is available every Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday from 830am to 10.30am! :D

Ta-dah! Had plates after plates until both of us were super duper ultra mega full!

Overall, i would say at $9.90++, this Delifrance Breakfast Buffet is definitely worth the money. Normally one pastry in Delifrance would cost around $3, so $9.90 for a all-you-can-eat buffet is definitely a steal! You might want to consider heading down to one of these Delifrance bistro to have breakfast with your family during the weekend! (That's what i'm gonna do!) So what's for this Sunday?