Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Nom Nom Nom" day!

Nom nom nom! Had a craving for various food and wanted to tryout some new items so i decided to dedicate one day to have everything! I was thinking instead of blogging each item one by one in different post, i might as well put everything together right? So this post is ALL ABOUT FOOD!

(Warning: This post might make you hungry! Especially if you read this during the night!)

Chocolate-y breakfast! Slice of chocolate cake + Slice of blueberry cake + London ChocoRoll + Teddy bear biscuit and a cup of Milo! I know it's quite a lot but YES, i can finish everything all by myself!

Met up with Jing long in the afternoon for pool session at Cineleisure! Craving for Japanese food and the first place i thought of was Sakae Sushi! New outlet opened right beside cineleisure, SCAPE!


Complimentary green tea for Sakae members! Ordered my favourite Tamago sushi (3 plates!) and Chawanmushi! Jing long ordered 3 plates of his favourite Unagi sushi too! Wait, that's not all!

Side orders: Fried hotate and Potato Croquette! Ordered Yaki tori and Gyoza too! *smack lips*

After lunch, it's time for dessert and was craving for Everything With Fries Nutella slice! Not that i have tried it before, it's just that after reading so many reviews of their Nutella slice, i want to try it too!!!

Nutella slice ($3.50) and Coke float ($3.50)

*wipe sweat* I'm so glad the Nutella slice DID NOT disappoint me at all!! The portion was just right, just nice for 1 person. The chocolate was not really thick, just nice. But at $3.50 per slice, it's kinda expensive for the portion. But i would definitely try it again if i drop by Orchard Central soon :D

Next up! Dinner at Pizza hut! Read about the newly launched Big bites pizza! Time to try!

Ordered the Delight meal and it comes with 2 glasses of "Emerald Sparkle" and mushroom soup :D

Additional add-ons: Sweet and spicy Drumlets! nom nom nom

Here comes the Pizza! Ordered my all time favourite Hawaiian pizza and the the big bites are actually chicken meatballs and shrimp balls! Not a bad combination, was feeling damn satisfied after finish the whole pizza! (Ehh, obviously i shared with someone lah -__-) That's all for my Nom nom nom day! Spent quite a lot of $ that day JUST ON FOOD! Zzz. Nvm, it's not like i eat this much everyday :D