Friday, August 6, 2010

Cake decorating at The icing Room!

Last min decision to have a BFF gathering, finally managed to find time to meet up! Yah see and i decided to celebrate Nurul's birthday in advance because Nurul had plans on the day itself, so we secretly planned behind her back! I had to search for her present and get her a mango cake! :D

Ta-dah! A simple cake-in-a-cup from Break talk, damn expensive. $5.20 leh! So small.

Had a simple candle-blowing/ cake cutting session at The Cathay, after chatting and catching up. I suggested going to the icing room at Somerset 313 to get a "proper" cake for nurul! (Actually it's just an excuse for me to have fun and try decorating a cake, always wanted to try! Lol.) So off we go!!!!!

The icing room at Somerset 313! Quite a no. of people there decorating already...

Steps to decorating your very own cake!

Right in front of you is the chef making the little cakes that you will be decorating on!

You can also choose to buy additional decorations to zheng your cake :D

We got ourselves the smallest cake ($12.80) and got the basic decorating"materials"!

I started the ball rolling but outline-ing "HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY NURUL" using chocolate!

Result after 5 mins, quite nice right! I got talent one okay! *flicks hair*

Yah see then coloured the insides of the words with cream! 3 colours - Pink, yellow & Green!

Copied the design of the cake beside us, decorate the sides with red jelly and Pink cream!

The top of the cake looks damn nice now right! You have no choice but to admit! MUAHAHA

Can't decide how to decorate the sides so we decided write our names! That's my name there!

Coloured the insides too and added the "flower candies" given to us :D

End product! *throw confetti* Looks too good to be eaten! Seriously wonder how it taste like...

Nurul posing with the one and only design cake decorated by her BFFs! Awwww~

Once again, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY NURUL! Love you deep deep