Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pizza Hut Feast!

Met Clarence and Kelvin for lunch again! This time i suggested Pizza hut because i kinda miss the newly launched Big Bites Pizza i had the previous time, so Pizza hut it shall be! Wanted to order enough for 3 person but they only have either the 2 person set, or the 4 person set, shall improvise!

In the end, we ordered one of the 2 person Big Bites set meal, it comes with 2 cups of Emerald sparkle (apple drink) and 2 Mushroom soup, so i ordered a coke float for myself! Looks nice right! :D

One pizza is obviously NOT enough for 3 people, so we ordered an additional thin crust pizza!

Not only that, we ordered a Hut's Platter too! Saw other tables having it and thought it looks kinda tempting so we ordered it as well. It comes with Waffle fries, scallop spring roll, Sweet and spicy drumlets and Calamari rings! $9.80 add-on because we ordered the Big Bites meal! nom nom nom

BIG BITES PIZZA!!!! Chicken Ball and Shrimp Ball!!!

But honestly, i'm quite sick of the "balls" after having a few of it. I prefer the chicken over the shrimp one. I miss the Cheese bites pizza! The one where it's shaped like a sun, and the crust is filled with cheese, that one is SUPER nice! Please bring it back, i promise i will have it like twice a week :D