Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#21st Birthday: Preparing invitation Cards!

Ever since i enlisted in the army in June, i was already planning for my 21st birthday in October (i need something to motivate myself what!) So i gave myself 4 months to plan for the BIG DAY! As everyone know, hitting the age of 21 is like a milestone in your life. It's when you really turn into an adult.

I wanted something really special for my 21st and i had a few ideas on how i should do it which i blogged about it during July (You can read the post HERE) After planning and researching for a few months, calculating the cost, i decided to go with the Mcdonalds idea! It's like, how many of you have actually gone through a Mcdonalds birthday party you were small? Majority will answer - No.

So after deciding, i started planning it like an actual event, i would need invitation cards, door gifts, guest list, venue, budget, activities etc. All those things i learnt from attending blogger events, LOL. Just a heads up for you guys, the next few post will be all about my 21st birthday! AHAHHAHAHA

First step would be to confirm my guest list, and to design the invitation card. I decided to invite only 21 pax to make this event a more significant one. 21st birthday, 21 people, get it? So i started by designing the invitation using photoshop. Spent around an hour and here's the result!

OH! Btw, do you guys know that Mcdonalds is spelled without the "a" in between "M" and "C"?! I didn't know that leh! Nevermind, lazy to edit the design, LOL. Since it's a Mcdonalds party, i used pictures of food + Ronald McDonald in the design and the theme would be "Back to school Geek!" :D

Specially bought a Sony photo printer to print the invites and to use on the actual day!

The ink and the paper -heart pain- But i guess it's worth it (:

Gathered everyone's address through sms, bought envelopes + stamps and snail mail-ed the invitations to everyone about 2 weeks before the actual day. Created a FB event page too.

Not easy copying all the address one by one onto the envelope! Brown envelopes

Finally!!! All done and ready to be mail out!

Phew, spent the whole day settling the invitations. Although i can simply sms my guests to let them know they are invited to my birthday party, i wanted to have a personal touch, so snail mail would be the best way! I receiving letters, don't you? (Other than receiving bills lah!) Next up, door gifts!