Monday, May 31, 2010

Canopy Flyer at Universal Studios Singapore!

2nd time to Universal Studios! Gosh, i haven't even blogged about the first trip yet! But no worries, IT'S ALMOST DONE! It's gonna be the ultimate spoiler. MUAHAHA

Just wanna share with you guys this short and funny video i took on one of the rides at the Jurassic Park! On board the Canopy Flyer! Edit until damn funny!!!!!

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is the MOST anticipated area of all in USS for me!

Queued up for 1 hour 20 mins just to get onto this 50 seconds ride!


(P.s: Full universal studio post will be out next week, i promise!)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Prince of Persia: Sands Of Time!


Honestly, i wasn't a fan of Prince of Persia. The only time Prince of Persia came across my life was when i was feeling bored one day last year and was browsing for free mobile games. Coincidentally, this game was FREE, so i downloaded it :D

Woohoo! Managed to find print screens of the game online!

Around one year later, a movie based on the game is born!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Disney Singapore, i was able to watch the movie before anyone else. What i like about the movie was the concept of the dagger! The dagger that allows the owner to turn back time and change history. Since the movie is adapted from the game, i can totally relate the costume and the actions! Especially the swinging from pole to pole and the jumping from building to building!

Plot quoted from Disney Site:
Prince of Persia: Sands of time, an epic action-adventure set in the mystical land of Persia. A rogue prince (Jake Gyllenhaal) reluctantly join forces with a mysterious princess (Gemma Arterson) and they race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of time - A gift from gods that can reverse time and allow the possessor to rule the world.
Oh ya, these are 2 fun application i found on their official website!

(P.s: Click on image to be directed to the application!)

Photobooth! Upload the photo or use your webcam and piak your photo into one of their template. Damn lame but quite fun looking at the end result. AHAHAHHAHAHA

(P.s: Click on image to be directed to the application!)

Video Jigsaw! This HAS got to be the MOST DIFFICULT jigsaw i have ever done online! You actually have to piece the jigsaw while the trailer is playing! Can't really explain in words, You have to try it yourself to know how difficult it is! Really!!!!!!!!

Oh ya, you can also download Prince of Persia wallpapers from HERE! (clickable)


If you are interested in Disney movies and would like to be updated, you can...



That's all i have for you guys! Checkout Prince of Persia when it's out in cinemas!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dinner @Sakae Sushi! :D

If you've been following my blog for the past few months, you will realise i've been blogging about my trips to Sakae Sushi! It's because i'm a Sakae Sushi E-journalist!

I have this special member card! Notice the name is ANDYSTORM? *beams* They will top up 30 bucks for me every month to dine in and share my trip with you guys!

(Obviously i dine in with my friend, that's why there's 2 bowls of noodles -.-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Taxi Uncle, why use credit card you not happy ah?"

This post was meant to be a ranting post but then after someone explained to me the reason why taxi drivers are not really happy about getting credit cards or Nets for payment, i decided to stop myself and reveal the reason! So wei da! MUAHAHA

Recently i took a cab from town because i was rushing to attend a event and the fare totaled to $11.4o for a short trip. Because i didn't have enough cash on hand, i used my visa to pay. Guess how the driver react? He said rudely, "No cash ah?" *mumbling under his breath* THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME ALREADY LOR. Hmpf

It's like, Hello? We queue up so long just to get a cab, now that we are paying still have to see your black face! It's not like we are not paying right? What's wrong???

You openly stated that you ACCEPT credit cards and Nets leh.

I also paid more than usual what. Without all those unnecessary charges like city area surcharge, 35% peak hour, admin charge, i should be paying only $5.40 lor! Now i'm like paying double leh! I'm willing to pay, you still complain for what? :(

Until someone enlighten me...

See this chart above? It's taken from their official website.

What we DO NOT know is that, whenever we pay by nets or credit card, the drivers DO NOT get the cash. I repeat, DO NOT. According to reliable sources, whenever someone pay by nets or credit card, the amount will go straight to the company, which will be used to offset their car rental! So they don't get the cash.

So that's the reason.

P.s: Actually so what if they don't get the cash ah? At the end of the day, offset the car rental, it's still the same what right? I still find those grumpy uncles irritating.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm off to Kuala Lumpur!

By the time you read this post, (I scheduled this post to be published at 3pm!) i should be already at KL lying on my comfy soft bed in a 5 star hotel! MUAHAHA

Flew to KL via Jetstar which departs from terminal 1!

Probably means 2 hours before this post was published, i was shopping happily at the duty free area, spending half my money away even before i reach M'sia! Lol.

Love the exchange rate! SGD1 = RM2.3, i changed SGD200 = RM460! Weeee~

Scared kena scam by taxi drivers, guess we'll be taking the train everywhere...

Quoted from one of M'sia travel site,
"Unfortunately, it's not easy to find a good map of the rail transit lines in KL. Even the maps posted in the stations are full of mistakes - they leave out stations, label them with the wrong names, and show connections that do not exist." Zzz.
Pray that i won't get lost and never come back. *touch wood* Byebye.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shrek 4 Movie Premiere!

Just yesterday i was invited to the Shrek Forever After in 3D movie premiere held at The Cathay and today i'm already blogging about it! Efficient much? MUAHAHA

I went to twitpic the above photo and ask my twitter followers if they spot anything "special" on my movie ticket at first glance! Most replies was like, "Your seat is R-21!" but the one reply that made me laugh was, "Shrek is R21?!" AHAHHAHAHA

Before the movie, they have this huge Shrek mascot roaming outside the cinema. Decided to take a photo with it to make this blog post look more interesting. By the way, the person inside like blur blur de, have to ask him/it to look straight at the camera. Sometimes even throw tantrum, refuse to take photos. Act Cute. Zzz

Everyone get a Shrek themed box cereal! Either Koko Crunch or Honey Star :D

Can't believe i never even watch any of the Shrek movies before.


Let me just tell you what this movie is about...

After all of Shrek adventures (in the past 3 movies), Shrek has become a family domesticated ogre. Instead of scaring villagers away as he used to, Shrek agrees to autograph pitchforks. Longing for the days when he felt like a "real ogre"...

Shrek is tricked into signing a pact with the deal maker, Rumpelstiltskin, who offers Shrek a day where everything will be as if his adventures had never happened. Shrek can't resist the offer- all he wanted a day off to relax, to be a real ogre again.

However, to get a day off, Shrek needs to give up a day from his childhood. After signing the contract, Shrek soon discovers he has been tricked: the day that he unwittingly gave away was the day he was born. Having never existed, Shrek finds himself in a twisted version of Far Far Away, where Rumpelstiltskin is now king.

Donkey has never met Shrek, is forced into cart-pulling duty and fears him!

Puss in Boots has become fat and lazy!

Fiona is still under her curse from the first movie (to become human by day and ogress by night until she receives "True Love's Kiss") But even though all seems lost, there's still hope -If Shrek shares "True Love's Kiss" with Fiona by the sunrise of the next day, the contract he signed will be rendered void and the original timeline will be restored. However, Rumpelstiltskin will do anything to stop Shrek!

My Review
Ok, that's basically what the movie is about! I would say i enjoyed the movie even though i did not watch the first 3 movies. Love the different fairytale characters that appeared in the movie! The 3 blind mice, the 3 little pigs, Big bad wolf and many more! Love the little jokes too, and the part where puss gives the puppy eyes!!! 3D gives the movie a whole new experience :D
For that, this movie gets...

3 out of 5 Gingerbread man!

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Bling" your phone with $2!

From the success of the first post - "Gmask your phone with $2", here's another post on how you can bling your phone with just $2 too! Actually i did not intend to do this post, but after my mum saw how i Gmask-ed my LG eve, she went to buy those bling stickers and ask me to paste it on her phone so it was an impromptu decision to take photos of the whole zeng-ing process! So here we go!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Above are the things you need. You can get the one piece of those bling sticker anywhere. Cheapest would be at Daiso! Just 2 bucks! I've seen really expensive ones at Mini toons, those with Disney characters on them (I think they cost $30!)

Step #1: You have to measure the camera and whatever holes at the back cover.

Step #2: Use a penknife to cut out the holes for the camera.

Result after cutting. One hole for the camera, one for the hand strap :D

Step #3: Measure one last time to see if it really fits nicely.

Step #4: If it fits perfectly, you can start pasting the whole piece on the phone.

Ta-dah! Now the back cover of your phone is bling-ed! Isn't it easy?

It's much more easier and cheaper than buying the little little crystals and pasting them one by one using the glue and creating a mess! If you are one of those lazy ones but want a nice chio bling-ed phone, perhaps you can try this method??? :D