Monday, February 28, 2011

CNY Steamboat gathering with 'cousins'!

I promise this is gonna be the last CNY post of this year!!! I swear i'm one of the last to finish blogging about CNY (FML!) Anyway, like any other year my blogger friends (affectionately known as the 'Cousins') will meet up at Ying zi's place for steamboat! I think i blogged about it last year right? :D

I was looking at this photo above and i went to search for the last year's post and i realised there's not much difference!!!! You can view the pic HERE (clickable!) Maybe only quality different, LOLOLOOL

Had a hard time taking this shot of Yingzi's dog! Had to use a crab stick to 'tempt' it, LOL

Was testing the self timer which leads to this shot! I think the background damn funny!

Group photo before starting the steamboat! DON SI BEI ACT CUTEEEE *vomits*

-kindly insert caption yourself- Shag cannot think.

Cut the rope on my iPad while waiting for more people to arrive! It's super exciting!!!!
By the way, anyone notice how cute that frog is?!

Every year i would buy Sakae Sushi Yu sheng down to Yz's house but this year too late!!!
Have to queue like an hour, so i went to the nearby coffee shop to buy it instead :(

Doesn't look as nice as Sakae's but we shall make do with what we have ;)

All getting ready to Lou hei!!!!!!

HUAT AHHHHHHHHHH! /say all the 'ji li' phrase

One word- Horrendous. 1/4 of the yu sheng is either on our hands or on the floor.

2 more group photos taken with my EX1! I think each year, the group gets bigger, LOL

Ban luck session with Josh being the banker! I won quite alot! AHAHHAHAHAHA

50 cents per bet only.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese New Year Day 3 & 4! 初三 初四

This shall be the third and last post for this year's CNY! I decided to blog both the 3rd and 4th day together to make things easier! The day before i slept really late after leaving my 3rd aunt house the night before and i'm supposed to wake up early on Day 3 to go Hui xin's house to bai nian! But i overslept (opps.) and Ryan last minute had something on so we dragged all the way till noon -__-

Group photo at Hui xin's house! Ryan cabbed all the way down from woodlands, LOL

Took photos behind the "fu" word for more CNY feel! I love my tee! 10 bucks only :D

The guy who influenced me to get the iPad! Impromptu googled for CNY image to take this photo!

Had a little ban luck session at Hui xin's house, it's also the first time that i got Ban Ban this year! (2 Aces!!! x3 payout leh!!!) But i think i lost some $! Actually i don't even know if i win or lose $ during this CNY season because i keep forgetting to count my starting capital! I just kept playing and playing!

After leaving Hui xin's house, i headed straight to Joyce's house to bai nian at Khatib!

BAN LUCK AGAIN!!!! I think i lost $$ also, Boo.

Group photo and instaxs at her house end our gambling session! Doing Yz trademark 兔子 pose!

Wanted to go bowling at the nearby Yishun Safra but the waiting list was super duper ultra long! Had to wait like an hour before it's our turn. Eventually we gave up waiting, so we decided to go to the nearby coffee shop for late dinner and play sparkles at the park after that! Weeeeee~ Like a fun!

Used a total of... let me count... at least 26 sparklers for this photo! Quite nice right!

Only 2 great shots out of the many shots taken! Love the firework mode on my Samsung EX1 but it's really really not easy to capture this kind of shot! Need to ensure everyone NOT to move after the photo is taken. Apparently there's definitely one or two who will move and turn out blur. Oh wells.

Instax photo took at Joyce's house! Got the CNY feel anot! :D

Alright, that's all for Day 3, now to Day 4! Woke up early in the morning to meet Rinn and Hui xin to travel all the way down to woodlands to bai nian at Ryan's house! He didn't expect us to be on time and was still sleeping when we reached his house!!!! Damn epic. Without further ado, we opened up the Mahjong table and started playing, too busy gambling, forgot to take photos!!! Damn wasted. LOL

Just when i was about to leave for BFF Yah see's house (which is all the way at Bukit Batok!) They suggested playing Blackjack so i thought i might win some $$ for cab fare so i checked and they suggested that the fare to my BFF house was around 14 bucks. So i stayed on for awhile to play and GUESS WHAT! I managed to win 14 bucks!!! But due to peer pressure (LOL!) from Rinn and hui xin, i got influenced to try and win more $$ but lost everything in the end. FML tyvm. Zzz

Yes, in the end i cabbed to Bukit Batok using my own money -__-

Me and my lovely 2 BFFs! Yahsee and Nurul!!!

Another one!!!!

Bought Yusheng from Sakae Sushi for the family :D

Another group photo, with the Yusheng this time! HUAT AHHHHH!

Preparing the Yusheng, putting the salmon slice on top of it! Looks very appetizing!

After putting in all the condiments and such! All ready to be lou hei-ed!!!

Gather everyone in the house in the kitchen for lou hei!!! I like the feeling, very happy!!!

3 instax shots. One for each of us to keep

After BFF's house, i headed straight to NEX to meet my cousins for movie - Black Swan!

Randomly bought CNY goodies from NTUC! I like the old school chewy sweets! nom nom nom

Alright, that's all for my CNY posts for year of the rabbit! Managed to squeeze everything into 3 post! Ok lah, it's not that difficult. It's like piak photo, type one line, piak another one, type another line.

Hope you guys enjoyed :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chinese New Year Day 2! 初二

Time for Day 2! Every year, my 3rd aunt would organise a Chinese New Year party at her house without fail, so everyone in the family would spend our 初二 at her house! It seems like every year we would go to different place because she keep shifting house! From a HUGE HUGE bungalow and from condos to condos! (So envy!) I want to stay in a condo next time too! Damn shuang can! *set aim*

My mum decorated our house's bar counter with this cat and lots of CNY goodies! 新年快乐

Camwhore with my sis again! Wore more casual since we are not visiting anywhere else.

Caught on camera by my dad! (That iPhone 4 was supposed to be mine!!! LOL)

CNY GOODIES CORNER!!! This time got more varieties and BAK GUA!!!!!

My auntie very clever. Cut into small small pieces so that we won't take "one big square", LOL

Lunch was prepared for us also! Not really to my liking though *continue eating bak gua*

My cute little nephew (Gosh, i'm an uncle -.-) helping to poke the toothpick into the jelly!

Group shot with my cousin! Thanks to my swivel screen, we can take self shots :D

The day before was Scrabbles. 2nd day is Monopoly. Quite boring so we moved on to...

MONOPOLY DEAL!!! The winning combination! MUAHAHA

As usual, the adults were "ban luck-ing" outside in the living room!

We had our own mini ban luck-ing session in the room too! With me being the banker!
But only 20 cent/ round -__-

ROCK BAND IN DA HOUSE!!! My cousins got the whole set! Guitar + Mic + Drums!

My little nephew wants to have a go at the drums too! Awwwww~ AHAHAHHAHAHHA

Having fun with rock band! Honestly, it's quite difficult to play! (Esp. the drums!)

Claradead (lead drummer) Kelly (lead singer) ANdyStorm (Lead guitarist) MUAHAHA

(You will understand why after looking at the photos below!)

My sis caught me on camera trying to take photos while lou hei-ing, LOL

I look forward to the lou hei session at my 3rd aunt house every year because it's so damn crazy!!! Everyone would just fling the yu sheng up down left right, into someone's hair, into someone's clothes, damn funny de! The whole thing become like a war zone. Veggies everywhere!!!!! Then we will anyhow shout blessings in Cantonese, can totally feel the family warmth. Love the feeling!

That's why i love every single lou hei session and would not hesitate to buy one set if i go for group visiting or steamboat. The money spent just to see everyone join in is definitely super worth it! (:

Clara's hand kena all the flying veggie! (I suddenly thought of veggie samurai! LOL)

WAR ZONE. I think after the lou hei, the yu sheng left one quarter only. AHAHHAHAHA

BEST INSTAX PHOTO TAKEN DURING CNY! This instax got the most CNY feel de!!!

End of CNY day 2!