Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trilogy: Let the "REAL" hunger games begin!

As you can see from the title, this post is part of a trilogy! The first was getting a "mission" to explore cineleisure for the different lifestyle activities you can engage in. You can read TEAM SHUTTER's post HERE if you haven't! After we managed to complete the "mission" and getting the tickets to the gala premiere of the Hunger Games, perhaps it's time for us to reward ourselves with good dinner? I remembered as we were exploring Cineleisure the previous time, we past by quite a number of restaurants and food outlets! (We ate at the food court that day though, trying to save $$! LOL)

I was given the privilege to choose where we should eat, and being a fast food person...

I quickly narrowed down the fast food restaurants! KFC and BURGER KING! TROLOLOLOL

Joyce's immediate action was like "NO NO NO, NO FAST FOOD!" LOL

She was like saying, "One glance at Cineleisure and there are so many restaurants, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE FAST FOOD?! Can we have something better?" Well, true enough. One look at the above photo and i spotted 9 different food outlets including a food court, minus-ing the 2 fast food, there's still 7 of them!

Looking through the directory, i realised there's actually a lot of restaurants to choose from. With so many choices, there's bound to be one restaurant that would satisfy our hungry stomach! Those who prefer Chinese/HK style, there's the Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe at level 2. Those craving for Pastas and pizzas can head to Pastamania, also at level 2. Those who prefer a wide variety of ingredients and like to cook it their own way can choose to eat at Seoul Garden Hot Pot located at B1. Wanton Mee lovers can head to Graffiti Cafe at B1 too. These are just a few examples to name (:

While going up the escalator to level 2, i spotted Shokudo Japanese Coffee House so i randomly asked Joyce, "Have you tried this Shokudo place before?" She was like, "It's there long time ago but i never really had the chance to step in and try their food. Their pasta looks really nice though." Well, the next thing we know...

We were inside Shokudo. We shall have our dinner here!
I was looking through the Menu and i was spoilt for choice! There were Burgers, Sushi, Pastas, Pizza, Rosti and a wide range of desserts to choose from! But what i really need at first was a cool refreshing drink to quench my thirst.

I ordered the Lychee float ($5.80)and was quite surprise at the taste! The drink was some kind of sparkling lychee drink and as the word "float" suggests, the drink is topped with a scoop of lychee ice cream. It was indeed very refreshing! Joyce ordered the highly recommended Milk Macha Float ($5.80) and according to her, it was superb and worth it. Her drink was also topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! (Well, I'm not a green tea person so i didn't try her drink :P)

Happy us satisfied with our drink while waiting for our dishes to arrive!

The first dish that arrived was the Plain Rosti ($5.80) that i ordered. The last time i had Rosti was at Marche and i was craving for it every since so i thought it would be a good appetizer before our main course! I wasn't disappointed at all, it was well pan fried and every mouthful was heavenly. Rosti with other ingredients (Price range from $5.80 to $11.80)

The 2nd dish was Joyce's main course - The highly recommended Hotate and Mentaiko Pasta ($16.80) Joyce wanted something like yet filling and she couldn't resist ordering anything with Mentaiko, which is cod roe, not forgetting the Hotate, which is scallop. She commented that this dish was so flavorful that she didn't bother to add any cheese powder or chili flakes to enhance the taste! Other pastas were also available, price ranges from $12.80 to $16.80 (:
Here comes my main course! I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Cheese Burger ($8.80 only!) which comes with fries and veggies. I love the combination of cheese, egg and the chicken all in the bun. Every bite was delightful as the teriyaki wasn't too oily or hard to chew. The portion was also HUGE. I definitely felt very full after finishing the dish. *bloated*

Last but not least, we couldn't resist ordering the Ultra thin crust Teriyaki Chicken Cheese Pizza ($10.80) I ordered it because i saw the other table having it and it really looks good. I was not wrong! The pizza is divided into 8 parts and each has a thick chunk of teriyaki chicken on it! Not forgetting the cheese and also a sprinkle of Japanese chili powder!

How could a meal end without desserts! We were seriously seriously spoilt for choice. Every one of their dessert seem nice, especially their fresh waffle with gelato ice cream but since both of us were quite full. We decided to order the refreshing Mango Kakigori ($6.80) which is Mango slush ice topped with Konnyaku jelly. IT WAS REALLY HUGEEEEE!

Checkout the size of the Mango Kakigori, it's like a mountain of ice! Good for sharing :D

Overall, it was a good experience at Shokudo. The staffs were attentive, making sure our orders came out as per requested. (I requested for my burger to not have Mayonnaise, they offer to replace it with other sauces) Topping up our ice water every now and then. Offering good Japanese food and desserts at an affordable price range, I would definitely come back for more! I just realised they operate till really late! How about a midnight snack? LOL

More info on Shokudo:

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, #02-06A/B
Tel: +65-6736 0971

Sunday to Thursday:
11.30am – 2.00am
Last order at 1.15am

Friday, Saturday & Eve of PH
11.30am – 3.00am
Last order at 2.15am

So what's gonna be the last part of this trilogy?