Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vlog: DIY Gakkenflex twin lens camera!

Haven't been updating my blog for quite a few days due to work commitments but since i'm already online, i shall share a vlog which i did not long ago! Well, last October when i was at Hong Kong, i saw this Fix-it-yourself camera which i thought was pretty cool so i decided to buy it. It looks really easy but little did i know that i took 5 hours just to build it! They wrote on the cover that i only need an hour! The instruction manual wasn't really helping much either, FML -__-

The above is the end product! Honestly, i have no idea whether i fixed it correctly and i'm not going to waste one roll of film and the $ to develop it just to see if it works. Now it's like one of the toy cameras that i displayed on my shelf :D

Before i fixed the Gakkenflex (that's the official term of the camera) I thought it would be cool to video down the whole process and post it on my dead youtube channel. Obviously the video is not 5 hours long, i fast forwarded it, add in some effects + music and there you have it in just 4 mins! Not very pro-ly done but l i thought it's not bad already!

You can start to see towards the end i was like sian sian already!!!! But seriously, the instruction manual, IN CHINESE SOMEMORE is damn useless. Heng i smart enough to google for a better manual on my iPad. Hope you like the video :D