Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trilogy: Prep yourselves for the showcase!

In this trilogy, team Shutter shared what are some of the lifestyle activities other than shopping that you can engage at Cineleisure (Read the post HERE), we also shared the F&B portion plus a review on the Japanese restaurant - Shokudo (Read the post HERE) and now last but not least, it's now time for the fashion side of the house! Fashionista alert!

Once again, we are back at Cineleisure! This time with a YouTube fashion challenge!

Instead of focusing on the females, Team Shutter is doing on Male Fashion! I often get questions on my twitter, blog comments, formspring on where i shop for my apparels and stuffs. The common answer would be Far east, Bugis, Orchard etc but this time, in this 6 minute fashion video, you get to see where i usually shop at in Cineleisure! READY?

I often get my tees from Praise located on Level 2. I their simple designs. In fact, the tee that i was wearing that day while filming was from Praise! It's a simple polka dot design tee and i couldn't decide whether to get the white one or the blue one so guess what? I decided to get BOTH! In our video later, you get to see what tee design i got that day! (:

I also got some accessories from the highly raved value for money - BeadStreet! Located at level 2. The accessories are really really cheap! You can get iPhone covers at $2? A pair of ear studs at $0.90? Frames at $5? From the video, you can see there's ALOT of people (as usual) in the store. I got myself some studs, some bands and a ring! Cheap! (:

I always high cut shoes (i was wearing one that day!) and Left Foot at Level 2 offers a HUGE varieties of shoes! This pair of black Adidas high cut shoes at $169 caught my eye and it was almost love at first sight! Trololololol. However i decided to give myself more time to choose the perfect pair of shoes for myself! Reminding myself - No impulse buy! (:

Oh ya, one thing i realised when shopping at Cineleisure is that, you SHOULDN'T neglect the pushcarts! I saw tees selling at just $12, watches ranging from $5 onwards, accessories such a rings, ear studs and leather bands from $4 onwards! I got myself something to complete the "look of the day" from one of the stalls. You can see it in the video!

Even though our team's theme was male fashion, Joyce couldn't resist looking at accessories for herself! Guess how much the ring on her finger cost? JUST ONE DOLLAR from Beadstreet! She claims it's the best buy of her day, LOL

Without further ado, let Team Shutter present you our FASHION VIDEO!

So what do you guys think our fashion video?

I hope the video is informative for everyone, especially the guy readers! We hope everyone of you who read our trilogy enjoyed it as much as Team Shutter having fun blogging for the 3 challenges! Whatever the result of these challenges, i guess it's the process that counts. This post is the last part of the Cineleisure next online sensation challenge!

One last photo of our team to end this post!