Friday, May 17, 2013

BKK: Land of smiles Day 3!

2 days into BKK and i'm already enjoying myself to the fullest. Almost finishing the money that i brought over that i have to do some oversea withdrawal from their ATM! That's so many thing to buy and everything is so cheap at BKK. I would definitely want to visit this land of smiles like every half a year to do some shopping and getaway from stressful work!
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Brought my Canon compact camera over instead of my Semi Pro because i had a feeling i won't be taking much photos since 3/4 of the time would be spent shopping and i was right! Wouldn't want to be lugging a heavy camera around (:
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Woke up early, skipped the complimentary hotel breakfast and headed downstairs to this stall that i passed by the first day i was here. The food looks not bad so we guessed it would make a good breakfast to start off the day!
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My char siew shrimp wanton mee!
 photo SAM_5608.jpg
Duck meat dry noodles! The portion is a little small though, but still good!

Basically we finished visiting the places that we wanted to visit for this trip and the remaining 2 days would be to "re-visit" places that we felt we have not shopped enough at which is mainly - Chatuchak! Since it only opens only on weekends and that day is a Sunday, we decided to head down again for more shopping and to explore the rest of it!


Before i come to BKK, i did some readings on the country, like what to expect, where to go, what to eat and came across some scams stories and guess what? We walked right into one, which i definitely want to share here! LOLOLOL

Basically that day we wanted to head to Chatuchak, and wanted to try taking their public transport (train) there so we asked the directions from our hotel lobby and set off. First would be to take the hotel's complimentary tuk tuk to the nearest train station, then follow the MRT route and get off at Kamphaengpecth Station. Sounds quite easy right?

Halfway through the journey to the nearest MRT, our hotel's tuk tuk was stopped by another local tuk tuk, asking where we were heading to and they offered to bring us to chatuchak direct for 50 BAHT. (fyi, 50bht is like only SGD$2?) Obviously i know it's about one of those tuk tuk stories i read online and guess what? I have no idea what we were thinking but We boarded their tuk tuk. Our hotel tuk tuk driver must be thinking in his head - "This bunch of idiots."
 photo IMG_3668.jpg
50 Baht for not 1 tuk tuk for the 4 of us, BUT 2 tuk tuks some more! You tell me where to find so good deal. LOLOL

Soon, they revealed their motive. They would require us to make a few stops along the way so that they can get "stamps" for their petrol card. Apparently, these tuk tuk drivers have these petrol card, once they fill up the card with e.g 12 stamps, they get to top up their petrol for free. To get stamps, they have to bring tourist to these designated places (e.g Gem factories, Tailoring shops) Regardless whether we make a purchase, they will still get the stamp. 

They told us, all we had to do is to pretend to be interested, hang around for about 10 mins then leave. It's a "win win" situation for both the drivers and us. We thought about it for awhile, almost wanted to get off but agree in the end.

Alighted at this Gem warehouse, saw other tourists like us (lol!) the girls pretended to try a few rings (I heard the gems are quite worthless, basically a scam.) and we left. Next was a Indian tailoring shop, now is the guy's turn to pretend to be interested in getting a new shirt or suit but after awhile they seem to know they are wasting their time on us and left us alone. So we left. Finally after 2 stops, we were on our way to Chatuchak. Whole incident was about an hour plus.
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As promised, we arrived at Chatuchak (thank god.) and paid 25 baht (SGD$1) to each of the drivers. The funny thing is, when we inquired at our hotel lobby on how long it would take for us to reach Chatuchak by train, they replied - "About an hour" and we took the same time to reach on the tuk tuks, and we paid 25 baht. What an experience i would say!

Not going to try it ever again though! It's still not safe! HAHAHAA

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Weather was super duper hot and i regretted not buying a singlet for Day 3. Brought along the hand weave fan that i bought the previous day! By the way, look at that pretty ang mo photo bombing me from behind! WOOHOOOO
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A stall selling all sorts of sausages. If i'm not wrong, we skipped lunch that day so we bought street food to snack on!
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The weather is so hot that we had to get drinks every now and then. Watermelon juice is the best! :D
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One of the stores in Chatuchak selling cartoon printed tees! So many different designs. I got the Stitch one!

This time, we split into 2 groups, the guys and the girls to shop for our own stuff. Bought while a number of stuffs but most of the time, we and weifeng were buying food and juices, and at one point of time, stopped by a cafe for a nice cup of coffee and enjoying air-con while the girls were perspiring under the hot weather shopping, this is life. LOL
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About evening time, we headed for Siam which is one area we have yet to explore... took the train.
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There was a huge crowd at Siam area and so many things to explore and buy along the streets. BKK is no doubt a shopping paradise in Asia! If you are a shopaholic and a first timer to BKK like me, you will definitely go crazy! LOL

Wanted to have something good for our last dinner in BKK, and we came across...
 photo IMG_3714.jpg
Petite Audrey
Siam Center, 4th floor.
989 Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, TH.
 photo IMG_3698.jpg
 photo IMG_3699.jpg
This cafe has very nice interior and deco, gives you an atas feel.
 photo IMG_3705.jpg
Tried their fried mashed potato with cheese dip. Very nice appetizer!
 photo food.jpg
The main courses that we ordered. I had the abalone omelette rice set! :D
 photo IMG_3702.jpg
Coke light in Thai.
 photo IMG_3716.jpg
Read so much online about this Mr. Jones Orphanage cafe in Bangkok but didn't know it's in Siam center as well! Definitely coming back to try their desserts the next time. The interior design is so unique and special.
 photo IMG_3726.jpg
 photo IMG_3722.jpg
There was a music concert outside Siam Paragon that day, super crowded.
Went over to MBK shopping mall after dinner to checkout the largest mall in BKK but was quite disappointed. I wouldn't even recommend this place to anyone unless you are looking for counterfeit or "inspired" stuff like LV bags or tees and such. Nothing much in the whole mall, or maybe i just did not explore further. Not intending to go there again.
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Some of the items that i bought throughout the 3 days in BKK. There's still one last day to shop ;D

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