Sunday, May 5, 2013

BKK: Land of smiles Day 1!

It's been almost 2 months since i last came back from Bangkok. It was my very first time to BKK and what an experience for a shopaholic like me! Wanted to take a break from work and was browsing through Groupon and saw this BKK deal that includes 2 way flight to BKK via SIA or Thai Airways, airport transfer and 4D3N hotel stay, thought it was a rather good deal and decided to gather a few friends to buy the deal! Best thing is, we don't have to fly budget! YAYYYYYY

Counting down day by day, super excited about this trip because i heard so much about BKK from friends who have been there. The night before i was still thinking what to pack for the trip and in the end, i brought an empty luggage with 1 set of clothes, my toothbrush and toothpaste! (i can't believe i'm saying this but i did not even bring my undergarment)
Wanted to take SIA but was unable to get the dates that we wanted so we settled for Thai airways!

That's the plane that we are taking! I've been flying budget for the past few trips that i've forgotten how it feels like to be flying in a normal economy plane. The last time was to 2 years ago to Hong Kong on the SQ A380 i think! Finally!

Breakfast served on board which is one of the perks of taking normal airlines! I had the omelette with sausage set instead of carrot cake. Even though it's just a 3 hours flight to BKK, there's still meals on board. Plus it's so much more spacious compared to budget airlines. I know i shouldn't complain because of the ticket price difference, LOL

Enjoying the in flight entertainment while having my meal.

After about 3 hours flight, we went to one of the exit for our airport transfer to our hotel.
 photo IMG_3348.jpg
Pratunam Pavilion Hotel.
89 Soi Sangkarn Petchaburi Road  Bangkok 10400, Thailand

 photo IMG_3599.jpg
Just a simple hotel, nothing special since it comes in a package. Perhaps the next time when i come to BKK, i would book a better one at a boutique hotel. The location of this hotel is not bad i would say, it's quite centralized and walking distance to nearby malls and such. There's also a lot of street stalls directly downstairs for food and apparels.
 photo IMG_3360.jpg
Left our luggage in our rooms and headed out straightaway for lunch!
 photo lunch.jpg
Roamed around and saw this stall so we decided to have our lunch there! First meal in BKK must be authentic Thai food! Ordered prawn omelette rice for myself, 2 phai thais and tom yum soup. The funny thing is, we had no idea how much the food cost because the price wasn't stated in the menu! Imagine they are free to quote whatever they want. Heng, the meal (including a bottle of coke each) ended up to about only SGD$4 per person which is rather cheap! (:
 photo IMG_3362.jpg
Went ahead to the highly raved Platinum mall where our shopping experience begins! In fact, this whole 4D3N trip is all shopping so 1/2 the time the camera is in the bag so don't expect much photos, mostly only food and places! LOL Catered about 2 hours for us to shop separately before we move on to other malls/ places but by the 2 hours after we met up again, we felt that it was not enough so we extended another 2 hours! There's so many things to shop!!!
 photo IMG_3373.jpg
The street outside Platinum mall which was empty when we first came turned into a busy street with stalls setup in the evening! So crowded! A lot of interesting and cheap stuff on the street though! It's one whole stretch of road.
 photo street.jpg
Camwhore on the bridge while waiting to gather with the rest :D
 photo IMG_3369.jpg
It was quite an interesting sight to see what they are selling and the things are REALLY REALLY cheap!
 photo IMG_3376.jpg
Wendy choosing from a mountain of pouches which makes really good gifts for her girlfriends!
 photo IMG_3367.jpg
Bags, shoes, hats, watches, sunglasses, photo frames, apparels and the list goes on and on...
 photo IMG_3380.jpg
Finally decided to leave Platinum mall (with an intention that we will come back another day again!) and headed over to the other malls. Passed by this "river" where boats are being used as a mode of transportation for locals.
 photo IMG_3385.jpg
Even as we walk along the streets, there are also road side stalls. Every few steps i take, i will stop at some stall to look at their stuff and maybe buy something. It's only the first day in BKK then like that le. What a distraction, LOL
 photo IMG_3391.jpg
Central World. Another shopping mall to visit but the main purpose is for the girls to get their Naraya.
 photo IMG_3386.jpg
While i take a rest outside and jaga the things that we bought today. LOLOLOL
 photo IMG_3396.jpg
Walked over to MBK  มาบุญครอง which apparently is the biggest mall in BKK or something but by the time we reached, most of the stores were already closed so we decided to just have dinner and come back another day...
 photo SAM_5525.jpg
After a whole day of shopping, we decided to have steamboat dinner at almost 10pm to satisfy our hungry stomach! We were so busy shopping that we totally forgot about our dinner. Took a Tuk tuk back to our hotel after the meal and that's all for Day 1 in BKK! At night, i took out all the things that i bought and i realised, the amount of stuff that i bought on Day 1 is already more than what i bought during my 5 days Taiwan trip! CAN YOU IMAGINE!!! Lol.

Day 2 would be a half day complimentary tour to a few famous places and Chatuchak! Stay tuned.

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